SMS does not arrive or can not be sent – find and fix problems

SMS can not be delivered or sent? SMS come simply to not? We explain how to recognize and correct the problem.

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The SMS is still one of the most reliable methods of communication that text messaging terms. This is also because, as the introduced over 20 years ago Short Message Service works independently of any equipment brand or a mobile operating system and without an internet connection is. In addition, the SMS delivery is free of charge in most mobile phone contracts now.

SMS can not get or can not be sent - solutions

But what to do when SMS just do not want to arrive or the recipient does not work? Problems with the SMS sending and receiving can approximately occur when a wrong message center number is set or there are problems with the wireless coverage:

  • Check the message center number: This can be checked with the respective mobile phone provider. In addition, appropriate data can be transmitted directly from the mobile network provider to the respective mobile device best. If the own mobile operator is not in our list here, you can just call the help pages of the respective provider. The Message Center number can usually via the options menu in the messages application on the mobile device set.
    • Vodafone: +49 172 22 70 333
    • German Telekom: +49171076 00 00
    • o2: +49 176 00 00 443
    • E-Plus: +49177061 00 00
  • If that does not help, a well Restart the smartphone or mobile phones help because so emptied parts of the device cache and the affected services are restarted.
  • By inserting the SIM card to another mobile device can also be checked whether the error in SMS-TX or is used or the device may if a fault.
  • If these tips do not help, helpful to use a Call to the mobile provider, because all likelihood exists a fault.
If the message is not sent, there are several causes.If the message is not sent, there are several causes.

SMS: Failed email

When sending SMS fails, the smartphone does not have to be broken. It can also be due to the following:

  • If you are on large events with many people who also use the SMS service at the same time, it may be overloaded. This could then observed again around Christmas. SMS came then to belatedly.
  • When you are abroad, the problems may also lie on roaming. The messages are routed through several networks, so information can be lost.

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