Project Highrise: This high-rise simulation surprises with its depth

More than 20 years after the release of Sim Tower is finally a worthy successor to the skyscrapers simulation in sight - though not an official. Project Highrise starts very simple, but offers a lot of depth and endless possibilities. What makes the sandbox for homeowners so is in our preview.

My desk is always a chaotic heap usually. Mostly I still keep track, even if others behind can no longer overlook the system. However, when I play simulations, a very different side of me emerges. Almost pedantic I try to plan every step. I streamlined processes and search for the optimal solution. I'm developing an obsessive love of symmetry and recurring patterns. I love these games mainly because of the logical system of order on which they are based. I'm almost addicted to it.

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The playful roots

This was no different for Sim Tower. In the simulation, the Japanese Yoot Saito, who brought Electronic Arts in the mid-nineties in the West, it's about structure and order. Commercial, residential and service need each other, yet there are certain animosity. The noise of the office is very bad in among residents. In addition, office block often the elevator. In addition there are other needs, such as for the disposal of waste, health and safety. It is a very compact simulation for which it is not difficult actually to find a very good and aesthetically pleasing solution. I was in love and could not leave it for long.

A perfect solution in a simulation is something like the ideal line of cars in racing games. Instead of driving experience, we need a clear head to get the many influencing factors under one roof. In Sim Tower they were indeed plentiful, but for professionals still fast manageable. Therefore, the game has ultimately conceded relatively much criticism. And although Sim Tower until today still has some fans, there was never a successor who made it better and could follow in the footsteps. I myself am sometimes fallen a few years ago on the Mobile madness Tiny Tower, until I realized the stupid gameplay that has absolutely nothing to do basically with a simulation.

Highrise_01In Project Highrise there is also a day and night cycles, and a weather system, both of which affect our high-rise.

What makes Project Highrise better?

And now that's highrise Project of SomaSim. The makers of the western city simulation in 1849 have actually ventured to a high-rise building manager. In terms of complexity, which is a sharp jump upward. More so than with Sim Tower is about the right connection between the right tenants in the building. Simple residents have fewer problems with the noise, make the shops, restaurants and many offices, as the later tenants elite housing. Against the smells of restaurants but has even some attorney something - still want the course, a wide choice of locations for the daily lunch. The result is a very complex mixture of many needs that are not easily satisfied.

Each happy tenants, each filled order and the increasing flow of visitors our prestige level rises. In this way we get by little access to higher-quality residents, but are at the same time demanding. To make about the tenant of a luxury lofts happy, we need a connection to the subway, luxury shops and gourmet restaurants. We should offer the building also yoga. A tailor and a decorator should not be missed as well. However, large stores also produce a lot of noise, however, restaurants odors. Also, of course, these localities expected according to customers to operate economically. Will the customers from these tenants move quickly again.

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In this interplay of different needs, there is an aesthetic component, at least for me. I was speaking at the beginning of the symmetry; such a house should therefore definitely be also tastefully decorated. Therefore, we can for example build several towers side by side. This not only provides a pretty mini-skyline, but we also achieve a spatial separation between specific tenants. Free surfaces can embellish with decorative elements or art objects beyond - something that is even required by future tenants.

Highrise_02There are several tools for analyzing and solving problems in our skyscrapers.

How motivated Project Highrise long term?

On the one hand we tinker long to find the right combination. With each new tenant who unlocks, we need to rethink our strategy. For that reason alone, we are already spending many hours in Project Highrise. In my building complex there is still a lot of chaos and confusion. And although I have already started the fourth time from the start to make it better from the start. Each time I learn something, but discover at the same time ever new demands. The principle should be familiar to fans of Prison Architect or about RimWorld.

In Project Highrise even specializations are possible. We can build our example, an ecosystem that focuses on tourists, build a residential tower for high demands or try to be with our skyscrapers the seat of large companies. There are different ways to be successful. We can grope our way slowly to the mechanisms and already deliver great results in miniature. And then there's a challenge for some missions in campaign mode, where we have a very specific task - to revive as a semi-abandoned skyscraper. Some of these challenges have made it quite a kick.

The game obviously succeeds exactly what Sim Tower is then still failed. It has a depth of play, with which we can deal long. And who felt the same desire for perfection and, moreover, highly'm getting at, which should have Project Highrise on the screen. It is a dream of glass and reinforced concrete.

Project Highrise be released in September for PC and Mac. Next year a version for mobile platforms to follow.

Project HighrisedownloadQR codeProject HighriseDeveloper: SomaSimPrice: € 19.99

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