Samsung SSD Magician Tool Download

With the Samsung SSD Magician Tool Download you get a management tool for SSD drives from the manufacturer Samsung, catch up with their comprehensive information on your record, perform benchmarks and can optimize the SSD.

Of the Samsung SSD Magician Tool Download is divided into the "Disk Drive", "Disk Management", "System Management", "Data Management" and "Advanced Features". Under "Disk Drive" can and so their information on your SSD as that used firmware, serial number, memory usage, S.M.A.R.T. values. Members. you have the opportunity to carry out performance tests and view the results in "Performance Benchmark"; "Firmware Update" you can also the firmware of the hard drive upgrade.

Samsung SSD Magician Tool

Samsung SSD Magician Tool Download: optimization features and more tools

Under "OS Optimization" Samsung SSD Magician Tool Downloads you can optimally configure it for use with your SSD hard drive the operating system. Here you are presets for maximum performance, maximum capacity and maximum reliability. "Over Provisioning" is a feature that can set her for optimizing performance and life of the SSD. For this, a user-defined memory area is released on the hard disk.

Samsung SSD Magician Tool provides you with "Secure Erase" also a tool to which you allow zeroing files, while the "Rapid Mode" for increasing the overall performance of the system is responsible. Under "Data Security" can view their security features and setup.

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  • Extensive information, benchmarking and optimization possibilities for Samsung SSDs
  • Simplified firmware update for Samsung SSDs
  • With non-Samsung SSDs only very limited use
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