Phone hacking: What’s going on? How can you protect yourself?

Hardly anyone waived in everyday life still on his beloved smartphone. In addition to fun games or phone calls and online banking, payments through PayPal and other sensitive activities on the unit are now handled. No wonder, then, that there are more and more reasons to want to hack a mobile phone.

Also eavesdropping of WhatsApp messages or insight into the private photo collection on the smartphone can be an incentive to hack into someone else's smartphone. But this is really about? And how can you protect yourself?

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hack cell phone: What is possible?

In fact, it is easy in certain circumstances, to hack into someone else's cell phone. Using special tools and tricks it is possible fraudsters to read data from the phone to listen in conversations or intercept passwords. Such as viruses and hacks coming to a smartphone? There are several possibilities:

  • Hackers tamper with popular apps and dine viruses in the installation files on. Such apps are usually not reliable Play stores available, but must be manually installed as APK file for Android. Tasty such manipulated files are made by alleged extras. As "Super Mario Run" was about officially only available for iPhone, distributed fraudsters already virus-infected Android files with the name of the popular game.
  • Even websites can be prepared with fraudulent content. to surf such a page, in the worst case could fraudulent programs in the background be downloaded to the phone.
  • Two years ago, the dusty MMS caused a stir. Hackers could send a message to any mobile phone number. In this case scammers needed so only a mobile phone number, to causing damage. Even if the victims did not open this message, there was a risk that pests from the MMS have found their way to the Android device. In order to curb the risk of viruses, most mobile operators have the automatic MMS reception disabled.
  • Just as the PC you can also fall victim to a phishing attack on the smartphone. Here, attackers do not even hack the phone, but access private login information simply fake websites off to then as with your PayPal account to go on a shopping spree.
  • Further, it should not place undue network with all sorts of devices you look. Hackers, it is about already managed to prepare a printer so that it suddenly calling phone numbers of logged devices or writing text messages. Even with a Raspberry Pi and software that are there to find the net, cell phone towers can be imitated, so z. B. intercept telephone calls and listen in.
  • Theoretically, it is also possible that cell phones are hijacked by voice commands.


Android devices are particularly vulnerable to hacks. But iPhones are not invulnerable (Source: Statista).

Should you yourself to play with ideas, wanting to hack a phone, Distance think. Of course it is prohibited by law, to install applications on third-party devices for tapping private data. In addition, camouflage fraudsters alleged hacker apps or tools themselves with viruses to foist inexperienced, curious users malware. Read also with us, what you should do if you found a cell phone.

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So you can protect yourself from a cell phone hack

Meanwhile, it is fraudsters even managed to hack SmartTVs. Of course, every smartphone is not at risk per se. With a few simple steps and a covered user behavior you are more or less safe with your phone on the go:

  • While there are some antivirus apps on the market. However, complete security do not offer this, may even provide new dangers may. More here: Android antivirus apps &# 8211; you really need that?
  • Set up a screen lock. Was the cell phone lost, a "Finder" will not get access to the device and the data it contains simple. To prevent unauthorized access to your data on the phone after the loss, you should also enable timely remote access via the Android Device Manager. Here you can a cell phone from a distance block from a PC or delete specific data.
  • Sensitive data on the SD cards can be encrypted , so that these can not be easily read.

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  • Not installed indiscriminately any app. Viruses are mainly about APK files from unknown sources on the apparatus. but also pays attention when installing Android apps from the "Google Play Store" which permissions require application whether a flashlight app needs about access to your photo collection or the location. Pays attention on reviews in the "Play Store". Is something wrong with the application, usually already other users tell the tale.

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