Top 10 PC Games 2016 Annual Review

Top 10 PC Games 2016 Annual Review

Victoria Scholzon 31/12/2016 at 09:00

Despite consoles and handhelds, the PC is still the Gamers favorite child. Using Steam and other platforms can PC gamers million indie games for less money download, but also AAA title playing with a mouse and keyboard for some better. The year 2016 has again produced some gems of gaming history. We show you in this Bilderstrecke the 10 Best PC Games 2016th

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So just before the new year, we look at the GIGA-Editor's go back and remind us the best PC games of 2016. Included are extensions of known games that we like to gamble every year. But innovations ensured Game nights until the early morning hours. In this Bilderstrecke we want you Our Best PC Games of 2016 imagine. For that you have only once on the cover above this paragraph click and off you go. Since opinions are indeed known to differ, you your favorites like can be noted as a comment below this article.

Survival Shooter on to simulation &# 8211; These are our best games

Many games we can enjoy on the console on the PC though. However, we searched for the beads, it have managed only on the PC. Of these, there are a lot. Next better-known titles but were also Indie Games published that conquered our hearts. Of course there is also the all-time hit. Games like Dota 2, CS: GO or GTA 5 are still very high in demand, if the number of players you look at once. But some newcomer able to establish themselves in the market.

Among the top 10 PC games can be found Comic-like heroes, discussions like to perform with fists and feet, mystical Demon Hunter, who want to fight a dark titan and a group of four survivors fleeing a vicious killer. In the end, we listen to you more games that have not made it into our top 10, but mention should find. Tells us about your highlights on the PC in 2016 and writes a Comment! The following games have not made it to our list, but should still mention Find:

  • Tyranny
  • Stephen&# 8217; s Sausage Roll
  • Paragon
  • Farming Simulator 17
  • The Curious Expedition

2517The 10 Best PC Games 2016

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What were your highlights for the PC in 2016? For me it was Dead by Daylight, Planet Coaster and RimWorld.

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