PayPal: delayed availability – what does this mean and what can I do?

You have been credited to your PayPal account money, but you can not withdraw, and also about the money a PayPal payment is not possible? This is the case when at PayPal delayed availability is present. For some reason you can then take a few days to access the money. Here you learn what you need to know her on the subject and how you can reduce such a delay and avoid.

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PayPal: delayed availability - why?

If you sold an item and your PayPal account has received a payment, the company may delay according Terms disbursement of money. This PayPal intends to ensure that more money is on your account when it comes to a refund to the buyer. This may be the case, according to the company in chargebacks or refunds under the Buyer Protection Program. If this increased risk is present from the perspective of PayPal, it comes to delayed availability. The following points in terms of your account may play a role:

  • many buyers complaints or chargebacks in the past
  • Assessments of transactions on eBay
  • the average shipping time
  • many canceled payments
  • the type of products sold
  • large increase your number of transactions
  • few payments have been carried out with your account (PayPal can therefore you not judge)

When can I finally access my money?

  • For a delay you can normally access your money after 21 days. This can be possible even earlier if their PayPal give a tracking ID to shipments that indicates online that the buyer has received the product.
  • However, it is also possible that PayPal blocking the availability of the money longer than 21 days if the company believes that your account is still associated with increased risk. For example, if there was with you in the past a lot of buyer complaints.

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How can I prevent a delay?

  1. Uses a shipping service, which allows you to understand whether the buyer has received your product. Give the tracking ID of sending one into your PayPal account.
  2. Does your product as closely as possible in the offer. Thus, it indicates to the buyer from the beginning, which provides the product and reduces the risk of a complaint.
  3. Tries to avoid conflicts buyer complaints and chargebacks.
  4. Communicating with your buyers. Should a buyer under the buyer protection program report a conflict, you should immediately this directly with the buyer solve.

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