Conan Exiles: All caves and dungeons on a map

In the land of exiles expects you some secrets in Conan Exiles. The largest of which are the many underground caves and ravines. In Conan Exiles you can explore some dungeons. We put yourselves on a map and tell you tips on how you survive down here.

As with other survival games are the Dungeons always mysterious and thus particularly exciting. Even Conan Exiles is no exception. Here you can see some Caves and gorges explore. You get not only valuable weapons, equipment and other items, but also can level up very quickly. This is mainly due to the Army of enemies. This is why we not only want to present to you in this article to Conan Exiles all the caves on a map, but you also Tips assist.

in the video &# 8211; so you build in Conan Exiles:

30269Conan Exiles: Build in the World of Conan

Conan Exiles: All Dungeons and canyons marked on a map

The developers themselves say that many secrets are buried in the caves deep beneath the sand. Currently, they are still being explored by numerous players. For this reason, we can not give you detailed information about the dungeons. We update this article regularly but as soon as we have more information. In addition to the dungeons, there is also a town in the underground that you can explore it. Here you will find but huge snake bosses as valuable weapons. A YouTuber took a long forgotten underground city, The You can watch the channel of Delasat Delasat.

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the following map shows you all caves, canyons and otherwise underground dungeons that have been found in Conan Exiles. They have No specific names, which is why they were named simply by prevailing in the caves creatures.

conan-exiles-card Caves These caves are on the map (as soon as we have more information about the caves, the following entries are extended):

  • cave 1 &# 8211; &# 8220; Spider Boss Cave&# 8221 ;: Through this cave you can in two different ways. Here is a huge spider, which presumably acts as bosses.
  • cave 2 &# 8211; &# 8220; undead Cave&# 8221;
  • cave 3 &# 8211; &# 8220; Spider Cave&# 8221 ;: In this cave is teeming with small crawling critters. Be careful! The spider venom spray that you that kills slowly.
  • cave 4
  • cave 5 &# 8211; &# 8220; displaced Cave&# 8221;
  • cave 6 &# 8211; &# 8220; Crocodile Cave&# 8221 ;: Here you shall say to you first against a horde of crocodiles. They spawn again, so you have to do well. At the end you will find a huge crocodile, which probably represents a boss. Even if you kill the boss, is the door that you find behind him does not occur.
  • cave 7
  • cave 8 &# 8211; &# 8220; spiders and undead cave&# 8221;
  • Dungeon 9: This is an underground cave that does not have a proper input. It's a hole that holds an ancient city below. In addition, you step here not only against undead, but also against a huge skeletal dragon. The undead dragon is a boss enemy.

Source: Map of, editing by GIGA

Tips for survival in the caves

In the caves you can expect the Corruption. In the wicked city in the center of the map you will also corrupt. In the caves you can expect the same fate. But the corruption is progressing slowly. She takes you away health and stamina so that you can regenerate you only up to a certain point and no longer full. As you Corruption can heal, learn it elsewhere.

The undead dragon is waiting for you.The undead dragon is waiting for you.

by the way Regeneration: Which seems to be much slower in the caves than normal. So Consider your top left. We also encourage you a arc and a strong equipment. Especially in the crocodile cave you should put you on a rock and shoot down. But if you are a large group, you can make it with melee weapons. Therefore, the tip: Take necessarily friends in multiplayer with. But will you necessarily go out alone, you could also our codes and commands to help Conan Exiles to quickly gain strength.

Do you see the giant crocodile in the end? It has brought friends and wants to meet you.Do you see the giant crocodile in the end? It has brought friends and wants to meet you.

protect some bosses Gates or hidden rooms. These are probably not enabled in the alpha version. So Be patient a little longer, before you can see the caves the real treasures. The huge bosses Incidentally spawn every 24 hours. So is an enemy gone, you have to wait again this time. but sometimes it also helps if you go out of the cave and then who enter again.

take Aloe extract With. This potion is made from aloe leaves. You need two leaves and a fuel. then uses the boiler or the furnace shell boiler.


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