Poisoned CDs in the mailbox: warning via Facebook – What’s behind it?

On Facebook and WhatsApp is warned for months time and again "poisoned letters." Allegedly poisoned envelopes are distributed in mailboxes in numerous German cities, and it should have been victims. Partly to read in the status of contributions also vergiftetete CDs that have been treated with a strange powder. Many users are confused and wondering, "What is it about the poisoned CDs"

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148000The behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the InternetSocial media such as Facebook or WhatApp are known to trigger further some false reports, so-called hoaxes come up again and again. The story with the vergifteteten envelopes first appeared in 2016 on -damals it was still that CDs themselves were in circulation, which are treated with a hazardous substance. Some time later it was said that envelopes was spotted with a white powder in different cities. Envelopes should be not open because the powder is highly toxic and can cause serious health damage.

One of the posts with the warning:

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Poisoned Envelopes: warning on Facebook and WhatsApp is a Hoax

Even months later, the warning of the alleged vergifteteten envelopes is distributed in social media. Even the police had meanwhile been repeatedly comment on it and make it clear that it concerns with the warnings about false reports. Neither were ever any concrete cases reported in which such an envelope was sent, nor any people were treated so. So, these are a misinformation, as it often appears on Facebook and co.

On the subject: hoax ensures large scale police operation

In Eving near Dortmund, the warning led even before the poison CDs in 2016 to a large deployment of police &# 8211; thus showing once again how dangerous these fake messages can be.

A woman had received the message via WhatsApp and shortly thereafter an envelope, which she could not identify. Terrified she brought the letter to the police &# 8211; and thus caused a large-scale operation of the fire brigade and police inklsuive a decontamination tent and a locked police station. Ultimately, it turned out that the letter contained only cosmetics that had ordered the woman before.

Conclusion: is in social media much nonsense common. Very few disaster messages that you receive via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co., ask afterwards out as true. Such warnings should therefore never easy to spread without first checking exactly what it's all about.

Poisoned CDs in the mailbox: hoaxes on the net

Appropriate messages that warn of the toxic CDs are common on Facebook or by instant messenger WhatsApp since the end, 2015. If you believe the warnings that CDs are supposed to be already appeared in several German cities, including Hamburg, Cologne and Bielefeld. The messages are not quite uniform: Some say that the CDs are printed with Koranic suras and specifically distributed by Nazis to Muslims. In other state contributions state again that left behind it that distribute the CDs to right-wing people.

In one of the warnings is warned of an envelope that supposedly comes from the Foundation Karl Heinz Böhm for Ethiopian aid. In concrete terms, it says:

There will be distributed in mailboxes envelopes. The content is a CD with songs and statements from the Koran. The CD is treated with a chemical substance that paralyze the respiratory system. Please do not open and inform the police immediately. Weilheim affected are already in the hospital. Please spread the word.

The team of the Internet Watch blogs mimikama.at made thereupon made the effort and asked for the police Weilheim. Result: In the region there was no previously reported case - so you have to again assume that it is a targeted hoax is.

Poisoned CDs ÄthiopenhilfeSource: mimikama.at

Before that was also disseminated an audio message on WhatsApp, which warns of the poison CDs. In the message one hears a woman, the following text gives of himself: "Hello my loved ones. It's me. I just also get the flat. Is now to be with us in a circle that are now being distributed in mailboxes. If you have something in your mailbox, please do not open, touch only with gloves .... "Thus, in principle, the same warnings that were first sent by text only.

Here, too, it was alarmist, there were no confirmed cases so far that actually treated with poison CDs were shipped. Even the police Saxony stepped in and warned already on Facebook prior corresponding contributions.


recognize hoaxes and fakes on Facebook: Poison CDs and Co

Stories like poison CDs appear again and again on Facebook or WhatsApp. In most cases these are supposedly sensational or shocking messages and warnings that you should share it with as many people. So you know the typical &# 8220; Facebook Hoax&# 8221 ;:

  • There is no reliable source of the message and the story is usually based only on hearsay or other users who also only one &Friend; # 8220&# 8221; have heard.
  • The message is verbreitetet exclusively by social media and does not appear in normal media (newspapers, TV, news websites) on.
  • The message warns of a concrete danger, ye shall actively respond to.
  • You will prompted to liken the message to share, and redistribute it.

Of course, the individual warnings differ sometimes quite significantly in content &# 8211; but fall off the building just about all Hoax messages in the above grid and are usually quite easy to unmask. Generally, it is recommended especially in the net to be mindful not to believe everything you read on Facebook and Co. and NOT BE RELIED to share such reports especially with his acquaintances.

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