Cousin married Must you mean? Say family law, Christianity and Islam

Rumor&# 8230; grass will not grow? At least biologically related couples in this country are often still a taboo subject. But the seemingly forbidden love is really prohibited by the Family Law? Or one may marry his cousin? And what about having a church wedding? In the following guide, we provide answers to the questions and explain that there is a health risk to children together.

Cousin married Must you mean? Say family law, Christianity and Islam

Incest is forbidden and always a sensitive issue. However, the ban on intra-family marriages applies only to certain degrees of relationship. What about when cousins ​​marry &# 8211; may be it?

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married cousin: Germany and USA

The Civil Code also stipulates the section on civil marriage, which is prohibited in terms of marriage and allowed. is in § 1307 of the Civil Code:

Marriage can not be contracted between relatives in direct line and between vollbürtigen and halbbürtigen siblings. This is true even if the family relationship has been extinguished by adoption.

This means a civil marriage between blood relatives of the first degree (for example, parents and children) is not allowed. Cousins ​​are allowed to marry under German family law &# 8211; regardless of the degree of relationship. Even an intimate relationship is not prohibited under the Criminal Code § 173rd

In the United States no uniform rules exist: in some states it is allowed to marry his cousin, banned in other regions.

Wedding Cousin CousineWhat many often do not know: cousins ​​are allowed to marry.

Risk of disability in a common child of cousins

Cousins ​​share a majority of their genes (12.5%). This can lead to health problems in the offspring. A British study has shown (Source: that the risk of hereditary diseases is almost twice as high. According to the study and the Pränataldiagnostiker Rolf Becker (Source: 6-8% instead of 3% of their children have been affected by a severe disability. For instance, malformations of the heart or nervous system are possible if cousin and first cousin to father a child.

Recessive hereditary disease may occur more frequently. These include:

  • beta-thalassemia (too few red blood cells)
  • spinal Muskelathropie, type 1 (muscle weakness)
  • Deaf-mutism
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • albinism
Cousin Cousine wedding ChildParents want the best for your child: to get for cousins, the risk of having a child with genetic disease increases.

The risk of the child to have Down syndrome, not enhanced by the intimacy between cousins. Cousin and second cousin are genetically not closely related to each other than with other people. A wedding between them or other relatives with further degree of relationship is allowed. Who wants to play it safe, can make a blood test at the doctor. Also an amniocentesis gives information about whether the child has a disability.

May cousins ​​marry? Say Bible and Christianity

According to the Bible *Cousin married Must you mean? Say family law, Christianity and Islam the marriage of cousins ​​is not prohibited, but is not well received by some of the faithful. According to Catholic marriage law marriage between cousins ​​is actually prohibited, but possible with special permission. This requires an examination of the case by members of the Church. A so-called dispensation - the Church's exemption - can then allow the church wedding of cousin and first cousin.

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Allowed in Islam cousins ​​marry?

Also for the Islamic marriage is valid: Incest is forbidden. However, marriages are commonplace among blood relatives in some ethnic groups. Approximately 20 percent of the world's population sees the marriage between cousins ​​as the preferred form of marriage.

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