decompress RAR files – Here’s how easy!

Even if the ZIP format is the world's No. 1 pack formats, including RAR archive has its fans. The compression is much better and it offers special features. But which one unpacks the things?

decompress RAR files - important's ganz einfach!

Generally yes, the rule that you can extract something that was used to package the program. In the case that would probably WinRAR. But it has become in packers that the formats are documented well enough to incorporate them into all unpacker. Finally, the manufacturer's keen that as many people use its format (can). And while they still needed to pack such a file the original program, many programs are used to decompress RAR files.

RAR files unzip with WinRAR

Who has time to unpack a RAR file can only occasionally, to take any common unzip utility. The format is supported everywhere &# 8211; with password prompt. But why access is not equal to WinRAR? The tool has a free trial period of 40 days. After that, one is obliged to buy a version of the program. However, the only constraint after that, and appears to be an indication that the trial period expired. Indeed, one can assume that this is more in WinRAR is a regional phenomenon. Particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia, it is often used. Would set all his service after the trial period, the program so WinRAR would lose massively popular. Indeed, there are even Facebook pages with chopped Keys without Facebook would proceed seriously about it.

To decompress with WinRAR is a RAR file, ranging basically already a double click on the file &# 8211; If WinRAR is installed correctly. During installation you can specify namely, how the program is to integrate into Windows. The default setting is, inter alia, before that RAR files are associated with the program. So a corresponding double calls the file manager of the program and shows the contents of the archive. Perhaps you must to advance still enter the correct password.

rar unzip winrarWhat is more suitable than the original? If you want to unpack RAR files that goes with WinRAR

Now we see the main window of WinRAR files and folders, which are located in the archive. As in an Explorer window, we can call by double files in the associated program. but we can also mark and then with the icon &Extract to; # 8220&# 8221; can be extracted to the place of our choice. Optionally, also the Alt-E is suitable.

rar unzip targetIf we unpack RAR files, we have many setting options

decompress RAR files &# 8211; WinRAR alternatives

it is drawn down &# 8211; like me &# 8211; right to use any unlicensed programs, then you should take a look at the alternatives WinRAR. To pack, there is simply no alternatives. Some programs, such as the Speed ​​Commander have integrated this feature. However, only in an older RAR format version. And of course, this program can also unpack RAR archives. But free, legal and easily goes something with freeware compression programs like 7-Zip.

rar unzip speed commanderEven the Speed ​​Commander can unpack RAR files &# 8211; and even create!

7-Zip supports as unpacker pretty much any widespread Pack format. Although one can not create RAR files with it, but the Entpackfunktionen are fully supported. So at least you can extract the files, or see the contents of the archives.


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