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Although a German Qwerty keyboard with numeric keypad has 105 keys available, but even these are not enough to be a place any special characters. In this guide we show you how great and small delta (Δ δ) and the differential character or derived delta sign (Δ) into a document or spreadsheet can insert.

Delta (difference characters) Δ is a mathematical symbol which sigma (summation sign) was derived from the Greek alphabet as well as the uppercase. Who must register, for example, often a deviation in a table instead of abbreviations Diff. or Dev. simply put, a delta symbol.

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Delta mark over font

You can the delta on Windows easily create a change of font. For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Schrieb- or spreadsheet program of your choice.
  2. Adds to the point where you want to use the delta sign, a big D one.
  3. Marks the D and selects the Schrifart icon.
    Delta-character font Method
  4. Now set your D should have been converted to a differential signal.
  5. If you write a small d with the smybol-Schrifart or converts, you get the lowercase letter delta (δ).

To learn the basics of special characters, you can read our guide to: Shortcut &# 8211; For special characters and paste &# 8211; That's how it's done.

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Delta Δ δ and paste difference Δ characters in Office

Special characters like the entire Greek alphabet and mathematical operators can find in the various Office programs such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or OpenOffice under the menu special characters. The various &Deltas; # 8220&# 8221; insert in a document that you therefore can also do the following:

  1. Click on your Office program on the tab Insert, then click the menu item special characters.
    Delta characters special characters
  2. The following special characters table you will find the various delta character at the following location:
    Delta (large)ΔU + 394916
    Delta (small)δU + 3B4948
    differential charactersΔU + 22068710
  3. Selects the respective Delta and presses on the Insert button to insert the symbol into your document or spreadsheet.


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