Telekom connection identifier – So you find them out

The German Telekom is still one of the most popular phone provider despite fierce competition. The high level of awareness, a solid network coverage and a relatively good service ensure a high market share of the traditional company - both in the mobile market as well as in the fixed network. There are problems, of course, still again. A particularly common case: The customer has forgotten the connection identifier for the Telekom or misplaced. The following guide we'll help you figure it out.

Telekom connection identifier - So you find them out

Telekom connection identifier: For this you need them

At the Telekom the line ID is required for different situations. For one, do you need them for the telecom customer to gain access to your terminal, on the other hand it is to set up an Internet access point, for example, required by a DSL router. New customers at Telekom get the connection ID during registration in the form of a personal letter. Who screwed up this letter, now has two options.

  1. You call in the disturbance place of the Telekom and calls on the line identity by mail again (a bit awkward, and also takes longer)
  2. Your log you into a telecom customer and provides the login information (including telecom connection identifier) ​​restores

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Restore Telekom connection identifier &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

To restore the connection identifier in the customer even mandatory You need your email address and personal password. If you have also installed next to the telecom connection identifier this, no way around by mail to the contact. In the following we assume that you present your personal access data for the customer but still have.

  1. Login you with email address and password in the customer center
  2. establish credentials for the option you decide for shipment to the registered email address
  3. Telekom sends you an SMS with a verification code. Give this one and the telecom connection identifier will be sent to you immediately


Important: If you need the data for your router and this EasySupport capable Telekom is automatically entered connection ID. Otherwise you have to do that manually yourself. Also useful: when the old credentials are stored in the router, you can still access the Internet. but take no changes on it until you present the new data before.

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