Windows 10: Mail does not work – Solutions and help

The e-mail access in Windows 10 no longer goes &# 8211; an annoying problem to deal with the numerous users of the latest operating system from Microsoft. In most cases, incorrect settings for data protection are responsible for ensuring that the Windows 10-mail app does not work. We show you how to correct the problem.

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Windows 10: Mail does not go &# 8211; Messages are not displayed

Setting up e-mail access in Windows 10 is relatively uncomplicated and then everything runs normally and smoothly, because Windows the required data automatically synchronizes 10th Nevertheless report some users that the Windows 10-mail app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger goes to unlink the account: Messages are not displayed even after repeated manual sync, even sent messages do not appear in the Outbox, but simply disappear after sending.

Windows 10 mail no elementsMany users of Windows 10 Mail app on and outgoing messages are not displayed.

In most cases, the cause is in the privacy settings of Windows 10. In the next section we will show you how to adjust the settings and fixes problems with the Windows 10-mail app. Adjust privacy settings - Here's how: read on the subject and the secondary products: Windows 10th

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Windows 10 mail app does not work: change privacy settings

Windows 10 has numerous privacy settings: These settings determine which user data is shared with Microsoft. Which are exactly, you read here: Windows 10-espionage: Send user data which operating system and Cortana to Microsoft? In addition, they also control the access rights of individual Windows Apps &# 8211; including the Windows 10-mail app. In the absence of access rights the appropriate application does not work properly, since all data can not be synchronized.

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If her message in the Windows 10-mail app in e-mail folders &# 8220; There are no items to show found&# 8221; see, you have to manually adjust 10 and the Mail app provide the necessary access rights to privacy settings of Windows. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows button on the bottom left.
  2. then selects the menu Settings item.
  3. Click on the following screen data protection.
  4. Now a new window will open with submenus &# 8211; click here on the tab calendar.

Windows 10 Mail Privacy Calendar

In the following menu you must activate their following settings (on a stand):

  • Apps allow access to my calendar
  • App link
  • Mail Connection

then closes the settings and to check whether Windows 10 works. In general, the messages should now be displayed. This is not the case, we will show you in the next section a few other solutions.

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Messages are not displayed in Windows 10-mail &# 8211; other solutions

If you still have problem with emails in the Windows 10-mail app after adjusting the privacy settings, might help you the following solutions:

  • Checks if the Internet connection is working properly.
  • Open to most any page in your Internet browser and looking if everything is displayed.
  • Checks if your email account is set up properly in the Windows 10-mail app.
  • Go to the settings of the Windows 10-mail app, click on the menu item Accounts and tap the account in question.
  • Reviewed here if their password and email have correctly entered for the account.

Tip: If you receive the error outdated Outlook settings, look over here: Solution: your Outlook account settings are outdated.

Enable synchronization in Mail app

Also, you shall check whether the synchronization in the Windows 10-mail is ever activated because the emails are otherwise not transmitted.

Windows 10 mail synchronization

  1. also go to the settings of the Mail app.
  2. Then click Accounts, and select your account.
  3. then selects the menu item synchronization settings for the mailbox change from.
  4. Ensures that the next window synchronization options are set for e-mail.

If you follow these steps, you should then actually work with all the emails in Windows 10th If you are looking for an alternative email provider, you will find it in this article: Free Mail: The best free e-mail provider at a glance. Your mail can you also display on your smartphone or iPhone. Here you read how this works: companion phone: synchronize Windows 10 with Android phone and iPhone - how it works.

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