Delete Odnoklassniki: how it works

The social network Odnoklassniki is especially popular in Russia. Who creates a free account, but will eventually reach the question of how to delete their own profile again. We tell you in this guide on how you delete Odnoklassniki.

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Unlike Germany's Odnoklassniki THE social network in Russia. Have an account created her, everything is fine. To delete your own account, but can turn out to be not so easy, because you have to shimmy to you by Russian lettering. We show you here step by step with pictures what you have to do to get rid of the account.

Delete Odnoklassniki - Instructions

To delete your profile Odnoklassniki or -Account, it does the following:

  1. Sign up on to the website Odnoklassniki.
  2. Scroll all the way down.
  3. Below right you see the point Регламент or Reglament. Clicks on it.

    Delete Odnoklassniki: Scrolls down and click on this logo.Delete Odnoklassniki: Scrolls down and click on this logo.

  4. On the next page you scroll all the way down again.
  5. Clicks above the lower four columns on the writing отказаться от услуг. This is delete for delete profile or profile.

    Click here to remove your Odnoklassniki profile.Click here to remove your Odnoklassniki profile.

  6. The new small window you give the bottom left of your password and click on the button at the bottom.

    Odnoklassniki Give a your password and confirming with the button.Odnoklassniki Give a your password and confirming with the button.

Delete Odnoklassniki - Video Tutorial

If you make trouble clearing the Odnoklassniki profile, you can follow the following video instruction. It shows in detail, which links you have to click so that your profile will be removed:

Read also how it eliminates the error: Operation was stopped.

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