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In the summer I'll go a few weeks by the US, so I thought I seek it out for audio books for the long distances. And best equal to English audio books, after all, I am then also on site and in the language in it. The good news: There are thousands Audiobooks free and legal on the net. The bad news: After good quality you have to browse longer. Here are the five most productive download directories that I've encountered.

About 1,000 English audio books for free - for beginners and advanced

1. Open Culture &# 8211; 500 selected audio Books

A very good starting point is the audiobook list of Open Culture, which includes selected 500 free title. Here, the educational portal acts as a real directory and links to different Web pages. In addition to a number of classics (James Joyce, Miller, Shakespeare, Verne&# 8230), there are also plays and current readings by writers like Neil Gaiman, David Foster Wallace, Jon Updike and Kurt Vonnegut among the free audio books. Open Culture also contains an extensive list of links to other sources and podcasts.

2. Project Gutenberg &# 8211; the classic

The Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest sites and is dedicated to works that now belong to the public domain. In addition to 40,000 free eBooks side gathered also very, very many titles as audio books. Attention, part of the collection is read by computer voice and the human readings are volunteers, so wavering in quality. But even the most unlikely authors are often represented.

3. Lit2Go &# 8211; English audio books for beginners

The Lit2Go side of the University of South California by the free audio books on the difficulty / grade level &# 8211; for beginners to native speakers. Thus one finds also as a starter material, children's books and -gedichten to mathematical lectures and complete novels. In addition, the site has an ordered by priority collection - with specials on African-American literature, mathematics and Florida.

4. Libro Phile &# 8211; the LibriVox collection clearly

LibriVox is one of the most extensive collections of public domain audiobooks, unfortunately the interface is quite confusing. And right there is where Libro Phile: In an attractive interface, you can browse the more than 1,500 scanned by volunteers free audio books, all easy to download as MP3s.

5. Verkaro.org &# 8211; professional readers under CC license

A group of Santa Fe organized professional audio book recordings, financed by donations since of 2003. In addition to around 20 short stories Verkaro.org has implemented several classics (Huckleberry Finn, Dickens, Scarlet Letter). Click here for the selected audiobooks.

When I'm immersed concrete, I still push a list of a few recommendations to &# 8211; by Cory Doctorow I'm still looking, so far I'm interested in the Orson Welles radio plays, or at times by listening to Ulysses? Harhar. Hints and tips as always welcome in the comments.