O2 Surf Stick: Airtime – Here’s how

If you want to use an O2 Surf Stick with O2-free card or an older prepaid card, you must of course now and then charge the credit. Exactly how it works and what options you have to charge the O2 Surf Stick, we show you here.

The "mobile phone number" of the data SIM needs her normally for registering on My O2 * or for direct charging by code. The number takes her out here either in the documents on the SIM holder, or simply through the phone book of the connection software "Mobile Connection Manager" on the PC.

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O2 Surf Stick charge - works so&# 8217; s

Prepaid surf stick O2 you can charge in different ways, we showed you the most common summarized here:

Charging the money and ATMs

Many banks and ATMs already support direct charging of prepaid SIM cards. To transfer money to the data SIM of your Surfsticks, proceed as follows:

  1. put up your EC card in the money or ATM.
  2. Selects the option charging mobile phone (Or ähnlichs) from.
  3. selected at Mobilfunbetreiber O2 out.
  4. now give twice the number of your prepaid surf sticks on.
  5. Selects then the recharge amount out.

Charging via bank transfer / online banking

If your bank supports direct charging via online banking, you can the balance quite similar charge at the ATM. Simply log one at your bank and give under charging mobile phone your mobile operators (O2) and the "mobile phone number"The surf sticks and selects least for the desired amount. Alternatively you can also use a regular bank transfer, it is simply as follows:

  1. Sends the SMS function a SMS without content to the 56656 (Free).
  2. Then you should a SMS from O2 receive. This includes the Bank account and a personal use (necessarily indicate!).
  3. Now you can carry (on paper or via online banking) and transfer the desired amount to your data SIM normal bank transfer with the data.

Of course, the normal bank transfer has the disadvantage that it takes several days until the money you will be credited on the surf stick.

Charging by credit card / cash code

The prepaid cards can also be entered online via My O2 *. Alternatively you can also use a mobile phone that uses an O2 prepaid card or in which you know that it is Simlockfrei. This can use it for charging the Surfstick SIM: Just put this data SIM card in your phone and proceed as follows:

  1. Starts the phone with the data SIM card of your O2 surf stick.
  2. Selects the phone number on the phone app:* 103 * [CODE] #
  3. Confirmed the entry with the call button (green receiver).

Which way do you use to charge the prepaid surf stick O2? , Do you know any other, or even simpler ways to get money on your surf stick? Drop us a comment.


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