Write slash character (and vice versa) with a keyboard on the PC and Mac

Those who work regularly at the computer, will also need one or the other special characters. Letters and numbers can be easily entered via the keyboard, other symbols have to use keyboard shortcuts. Find out here how one can write the backslash with the keyboard, the slash character and the reverse slash.

The slash is used as a sentence or word characters, but often found a use as relationship and money signs. The inverted slash, which is mapped the other way around, is mainly used in programming to use, but finds such. As well as its use in mathematical context in the mapping of imbalances.

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Slash characters (the other way): How to&# 8217; s on PC and Mac

  • slash-writeDo you want to write the slash character with the keyboard, the key combination used: Shift + 7 = /.
  • This key combination also works on Mac.
  • Do you want to write the Slash conversely, pushing on a German keyboard first the "Alt" key. Keep it pressed and then taps the "ß" in the upper right row of figures: "Alt" + "ß" = \.
  • To write the inverted slash, the backslash on a Mac, hold "Alt" and press "Shift" and then tap on the number "7": "Alt" + "Shift" + "7" = \ (on Mac).
  • Is Windows installed under Bootcamp, you write the backslash with the German keyboard to the Mac via the key combination right "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "ß".

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On a smartphone keyboard on Android and iOS both the slash and the inverted slash in the overview of the special characters found.


Slash and backslash write

backslash keyThe Slash is used in German on different occasions. So the sign might be used as a separator between different times (eg: Autumn / Winter 2017). Even when specifying size, quantity and speed ratios, the use of the slash symbol is common, such as in the details "30 km / h" or "15 l / s".

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