Windows 10: The 10 most important innovations at a glance

Windows 10: The 10 most important innovations at a glance

Selim Baykaraon 30/09/2016 at 10:50 AM

Windows 10 offers many new features with which Microsoft is trying also to invent not only its own operating system but itself new. With success? We have extensively tested Windows 10 since its release late 2015 and close look at the new features of the operating system. If you are still unsure whether the changes really are any good and what 10 actually makes Windows, you should read more &# 8211; Here you will find our top 10 at a glance.

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Windows 10: All major innovations &# 8211; What's New?

In our gallery you can find the top 10 Windows 10-innovations. The latest OS from Microsoft offers a number of exciting features and is in the eyes of many users finally a good operating system of Redmond. The focus of productive work, an uncomplicated operation and the display all important functions quickly find a modern design, are. Positive that Microsoft has learned from the response to Windows 8 and not simply sweeps useful features such as the Start menu replacement also stands out.

Overall, Microsoft Windows mt has made 10 lots: The Start menu has been redesigned the user interface in parts greatly simplified. In addition a permanent online connection, the &# 8220; Smart&# 8221; Assistant Cortana and the brand new browser Edge as a successor to the unpopular Internet Explorer. Voice control, Windows Continuum and tablet mode will build a bridge between stationary PCs and mobile devices &# 8211; there was rarely such a lot of new features in a new version of Windows. After the rather disappointing Windows 8.1 but this is no surprise: The company, based in Redmond desperately needs more positive headlines.

The standards they set in terms of new features, not only to software, Microsoft will set the tone in the hardware sector. With Windows 10, a holo-AR glasses will appear and biometric sensors to do with the Windows feature Hello passwords obsolete in the near future.

The 10 most important new features of Windows 10 you see now in the gallery.

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