PS4 resolution: it is so high and so you can adjust them

The most powerful console, the best game is no good if the image on the TV set blurry, pixelated or can not be displayed. Below you learn which resolutions can depict the PS4 and how to change the settings for the resolution.

The resolution depends on the content that you want to represent.

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PS4 Resolution: 4k, 1080p, 720p

Technically you can also 4K (Ultra HD) PlayStation 4, which is a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels handle.

  • However, 4K images are not possible for games.
  • The maximum resolution creates the console only in pictures and videos.
  • Games are mapped usually in Full HD (1080p) or 720p.
  • The resolution depends on the developers of each game.


For the optimal experience, the setting for the resolution in the PS4 at should be "automatic". About the video output settings in the "Sound and Video" you can scale down the resolution, the image should not be displayed correctly. With "HD-Ready" -Fernsehern the setting "1080i" or "720p" is recommended.

PS4 resolution: it is so high and so you can adjust them

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PS4: Change resolution - Here's how

In some cases it may be necessary to change the resolution of the PlayStation 4th So it can for. B. happen that older TV sets can display a picture as the set resolution is too high for the TV. Checked first whether the image on another HDMI port can be displayed. In rare cases, it helps to first start the TV before the console is turned on, if the no display or the TV is a wrong resolution. If the PS4 at startup Show a picture can, make her the following:

  1. When you start the console you hold down the power button.
  2. Waits until the console is a second beep.
  3. The console now starts in "Safe Mode". Similar to the Safe Mode in Windows, the system is started with the basic settings.
  4. the option selected here "Change Resolution".
  5. In the new menu you can change the PS4 resolution. By default, the resolution to 480p reset. Decide here for a value that is compatible with your TV.

With us you also learn which ports have the PS4.

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