PUBG: All updates and patch notes in German

Unknown Player&# 8217; s Battlegrounds will be weekly and monthly supplied with new updates and patches to continually improve the always still in the early access phase Battle Royale shooter. Since the server starts a lot already has done and why we collect at this point all updates and future changes in a compact overview.

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Since the start of the Early Access period on 23 March 2017 PUBG has grown to become the hit on Steam and will continue to be supplied from developer Blue Hole Inc. consistently with patches and updates. Thus, there are regularly new weapons and attachments and improvements in the performance. But what is still everything planned in the future? We show you below the contents of all future updates and patches in German.

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5. Monthly Update: All changes at a glance

release: Probably 14 September 2017 (on test server already runs)

A little late in September, the next month update for PUBG offing. Among the major changes Include:

  • New Weapon Mini-14: uses a semi-automatic, self-loading, of 5.56mm ammunition. Compact and easy to handle.
  • Foggy as new Wetterart added.
  • East of Stalber there is now new village.
  • Rankings for first-person servers added.
  • Pins from grenades must be removed manually now (Default on key &# 8220; R&# 8221;).
  • Trajectory of the grenade is influenced by the running speed of the player.
  • stun grenades now explode after only 2.5 seconds.
  • Effective radius of the Frag grenade has been raised.
  • The Reload speed of crossbows was increased by 35%.
  • The Tommy Gun is no longer included in Air Drops, but can be found on the map normally.
  • With weapons remains fire mode now in the setting in which it was left when putting away the gun.
  • The Color of the crosshair can now be changed in the game settings.
  • You can now your current postion with one touch Mark (default on key &Ins; # 8220&# 8221;).
  • You can now the Center based map to your postion (Defaults to the space bar).
  • A new key layout allows you the Use of medicinal items in order: → → medical bag First aid kit bandages (default on key &# 8220; -&# 8221;).
  • Keys can now not multiple assignments become.
  • New Sound Effect in the collision of players and vehicles has been added.
  • The Shadow Render distance remains a matter of fairness now for all the settings the same.

These are the most important changes of the September update. All patch notes in English can be found as usual on the official homepage.

pubg-weapon-mini-14A new month, a new weapon: Mini-14th

20 weeks Update: All changes at a glance

release: 10 August 2017 (August 9 on the test server)

The 20th Early Access update is coming up and performs numerous improvements to the game client before, to improve performance. see the patch notes as follows:

  • Improved client performance for PCs with 6-core CPUs or better.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Motorcycles and screeching tires are not as loud.
  • The animation while throwing objects lying were optimized.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of voice chat on the start island.
  • Fixed a bug, the characters revived standing instead of squatting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented put away remapping the key weapon.
  • Spectators on the mini and world map can now see markings.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the target sight for spectators wrong.
  • Fixed a bug that when you change the graphics option &Effects; # 8220&# 8221; occurred.
  • The position of the hands at the wheel of vehicles has been improved.

4. Monthly update: All changes at a glance

release: August 3, 2017 (Aug. 2 on the test server)

Among the highlights which will be played in early August on the servers of the 4th month updates include the self-loading sniper rifle MK14 EBR, the new first-person servers and boxes of new outfits. In addition, you can now finally honk in cars! Here again the most important innovations at a glance:

  • First-person server for Europe and North America. According to setting options for first-person view added.
  • As a driver of a car you can now by the left mouse button honk.
  • The sniper rifle MK14 EBR has been added. This can only be found in Air Drops (aircraft airdrops) and requires 7.62mm ammunition.
player-unknowns battlegrounds-MK14 ebrThe MK14 EBR is the new weapon of the 4th month updates.
  • The time for using a First aid case or analgesic now amounts to only six seconds.
  • The time to use a Medical bag or adrenaline syringe now amounts to only eight seconds.
  • There is now a new way to report players. As you can Cheater Report, learn it in the linked guide.
  • The reload speed VSS has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon mode &# 8220; auto-fire&# 8221;, sometimes stopped to shoot.
  • The collecting items on the inventory was made Balancing reasons slightly delayed.
  • The possibility of rain in one round has been increased.
  • Xbox controllers are now compatible with PUBG. In the future, the use should also be improved.
  • The Volume of voice chats You can now set a new option possibility.
  • Players can now join the same game again, if they have been disconnected from the game.
  • For female and male characters ever Two new faces and hairstyles added.

In addition to these major changes there are still many minor bug fixes and optimizations, such as at the UI or in performance. The complete list of changes can be found on the official homepage.

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Lootkisten with new outfits

To customize your characters further, were new outfits in PUBG integrated. This gets you some free of charge or have to pay them with real money. Some outfits are geared to the film Battle Royale, who founded the genre of PUBG.

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Survivor Crate

Price: Free

In the Survivor box can you now find cool coats, shirts or a business outfit for female characters.

Gallery PUBG: Contents of Survivor box

  • (Figure 1/3):
  • (Figure 3.2):
  • (Figure 3.3):

hikers Crate

Price: Free

Casual wear, glasses, gas masks and a cool face mask waiting for you in the Walker box.

Gallery PUBG: contents of the Walker box

  • (Figure 1/3):
  • (Figure 3.2):
  • (Figure 3.3):

gamescom Invitational Crate

Price: $ 2.50

To celebrate the gamescom 2017 you can expect a special Lootkiste, which you can buy for real money. Inside are about schoolgirl outfits or cool jogging suits. This box is available only until 27 August.

Gallery PUBG: Contents of gamescom box

  • (Figure 1.5):
  • (Figure 5.2):
  • (Figure 5.3):
  • (Figure 4.5):
  • (Figure 5.5):

What changes in the future?

In addition to the latest patches and updates for many things PUBG are of course planned in the long run. These include the separate zombie mode, more cards or climbing animations. An overview of all upcoming innovations gives you the following video of the YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming.

Once there is new information about weekly and monthly updates in Player Unknown&# 8217; s are Battlegrounds, we will extend this article accordingly and keep you posted.

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