Star Citizen: Keyboard Layout explains in German

The space opera Star Citizen is still in the alpha version, but that does not stop millions of fans from getting now to buy the game and fly around in space. Do you want to enter in a spaceship and start playing? Then you are probably already stumbled over the crass keyboard mapping of Star Citizen.

fans of flight simulation are probably already known with such key assignments while beginners sweat just at the sight of those. Especially when crowdfunding project Star Citizen Is that the case. To the fact that the keyboard layout is still not in German is available. Although a conversion into German is planned but not yet implemented. In this Guide is it the translation of the keyboard mapping of Star Citizen on German.

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Star Citizen: Keyboard Layout translated into German

Flying in Star Citizen should be as realistic as possible, so you can of course also use all kinds of things in the cockpit. For this reason, the keyboard Layout a little more difficult to use. Especially newcomers, it does not come easily at first to memorize the keys. For this reason, our graphics team has made even think you realize the keyboard layout for the alpha version understandable and beautiful. The results you see here:

Click to download the picture, the keyboard mapping of Star Citizen in German

In this Gallery is it the German keyboard layout for modifiers, Quantum Drive, HUD, etc. So just click through:

Gallery Star Citizen keyboard layout to German

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In this table finds her once all the commands it by means of key assignment Star Citizen give your ship can:

F9mobile Glass
F10AR mode
1Add Performance Group 1
2Add Performance Group 2
3Add Performance Group 3
4Weapons system on or off
5Panels on or off
6Drives on or off
0balance ability groups
returnspeed 0/100
Qpunish the left
Wpush up
epunish right
Rhigh punish
Tforwarding on enemies
ZForward all goals
Ufurther switch labeled targets
Olight switch
parkingswitch decoupling
Arole left
Spush down
Drole right
Finteract / down penalties
GFocus crosshairs
Hnext turn friends
Jattach target
Ltake aim
ÖHUD mode Step Reverse
ÄHUD mode changeover forward
enterenable Chat
ShiftTurbo (press and hold) / afterburner
Ystart CM
XCM further switch
Capproaching enemy
VChange IFCS mode
B + middle mouseQuantum Drive
N + Mautomatically land / land manually
N + center mouseask permission to land
Mmaintain speed of anvisiertem target
,Radar Zoom
ShiftHOMAS mode enable (unlocked sighting mouse)
Old(Click twice) see / look back
space barWeltallbremse
InsSwitch camera
picture aboveoverview mode
Numeric Keypad +increase performance
Number block: -reduce power
Keypad: 7sign up
Keypad: 8sign forward
Numeric keypad 9sign down
Keypad: 4sign on the left
Keypad: 5offset plate
Keypad: 6sign right
Number Block: 2sign back
left mouseswitch weapons Group 1 / (spectator mode) to the previous target
middle mouseCharging Zoom / Scroll / rocket and fire
rightswitch weapons Group 2 / (spectator mode) to the next destination
front side button on the mouseWeapons Group 4
rear side button on the mouseWeapons Group 3
Alt + ReturnSpawn force (EVA) / self-destruction
Alt + Lejection seat
Festelldecoupled mode
Festell + Q, W, E, A, S, DDC
Festell + spaceNewton brake
Ctrl + Altlook back
Ctrl + TabScore Sheet
Ctrl + Wpunish forward
Ctrl + Spunish rearwardly
Ctrl + T, Z, Hback
Ctrl + Glock Kardanwaffen
Ctrl + Fleft seat
Ctrl + CRelative Mouse Mode
Ctrl + FestellIFCS-protection switch on
OldFree Hold
Alt + space2D UI pointer
pos1HUD-focus mode
Pos1 + Enterinteract HUD
Pos1 Ctrl +Cancel HUD / back
Pos1 + up, down, left, rightnavigate HUD

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