FIFA 17: surfaced evidence of the “Momentum” – Players demanding clarification

In FIFA 17, it may cause some situations that are referred to by some players as "momentum". First evidence of its existence but are now surfaced.

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When it comes to the FIFA series, then there is always a lot of criticism. Among the biggest criticisms is one of a phenomenon that the players plagued for years: Momentum. So the fact is designated when suddenly on the paper and also in the game actually significantly superior players - usually in the final minutes of a game - but one or collect several gates and maybe even lose the game at the end, although the opponents anything has played as well. This is reminiscent of the rubber band AI, possess and racing games often allow you, if often referred to as "catch-up" menu item is selected, yet to win the race even after an accident. EA Sports has however consistently denied the existence of momentum in FIFA games like FIFA 17th Now, however, evidence has emerged that it does exist.

This evidence comes from several Reddit users to have a little poking around in the PC version of the girlfriend_pregnant after a first data mining of the user. girlfriend_pregnant found hidden attributes such as "Super Sub", where it is a code that is related to the team chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 17 and directly mentioned the momentum. As he assumes this code is directly related to the momentum. Then inquired, other Reddit users, including Murhawk013, CatalystFCP and girlfriend_pregnant again and found more evidence in the data and a Spanish FIFA 17 video.

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So the momentum in FIFA should work 17

According to the Reddit users the momentum in FIFA should work 17 so that the individual stats of players are constantly changed in the virtual space in the course of a game. These changes depend on the performance of the players themselves and are subject to change partly because of shots on goal or the possession statistics. If certain criteria are met, increase or decrease the values ​​by which the opponents turn has a larger or even smaller chance in the game. In the data of the game, this will be referred to as "Adaptive Difficulty". It is unclear, however, whether this occurs only in single-player or multiplayer and FUT matches to light.

After EA always denied the existence of momentum and now this discovery was made, many players are of course not happy. Under the hashtag #ExplainFIFAMomentum many players have been calling on developers to explain these files and findings and to finally give its opinion. After all, is criticized for a long time that the games are influenced in unfair and unrealistic way with this rubber band technology or the momentum and good players are cheated. In addition, the system of intentionally bad gambling players can be exploited. In FUT the impact would be even greater, since the players invest in some real money.

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