Secret Skype Smileys: use hidden emoticons and icons

In Skype there are not only accessible directly from the menu smileys and icons, including hidden and secret emoticons can be used &# 8211; if you know how it goes.

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Smileys, emoticons and icons in Skype

skype emoticonsNo matter how you want to call: emoticons, winks or simply icons: In Skype there are a variety of them, which can be reached directly via the Smiley menu in the conversation window (see screenshots).

However, this can not only be a click on the respective Insert smiley in the text, but also directly through the text box above the corresponding Emoticon&# 8221; Code&# 8221 ;. To this out, ride then displayed with the mouse once on the smiley, the code is the bottom of the smiley window. So entering the popular smileys even faster by the hand.

However, there are some emoticons in Skype that are not shown directly in the smiley window but hidden. However, only a few really secret of it:

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Hidden and secret smileys in Skype

Official hidden smileys

There is a complete list of all official available only via code entry Smileys in Skype. If two short codes are always both work.

symbolSurnameshort code
brokenheart_20 Broken heart(U) (U)
bug_20 bow(Bug)
call_20 Call(Call)
cat cat(Cat): 3
dog dog(Dog)
drunk_20 Drunk(Drunk)
headbang_20 Head Bang(Headban) (banghead)
mail_20Mail (E) (m)
movie_20 Movie (Film) (movie ((~)
phone_20phone(Mp) (ph)
poolparty_20 pool Party (Pool party)
punch_20 fist (Punch)
rock_20 rock out (skirt)
sheep sheep(Sheep)
skype_20Skype(Skype) (ss)
smoking_20Smoke(Smoking) (smoke) (ci)
talking_20 Speak (Talk)
talktothe-handTalk to the hand(Talktothehand)
time_20 Time(Time) (o) (O)
toivo_20 Toivo(Toivo)
In addition to these icons, there are quite a lot of national flags in Skype. The code is always (flag: country code) here. So for the German flag he would (flag: de), for USA (flag: us), etc. Almost every country has its own national flag in Skype, tried it a try.

Secret hidden emoticons in Skype

There are also a few more smileys, whose number and type vary over again because they are changed by Skype itself in secret. Currently take part:
symbolshort code
hidden-skype-emoticon-wfh (WFH)
hidden-skype-emoticon-ZILMER (ZILMER)

These were all currently truly hidden or secret smileys and icons in Skype. If Skype changes with a new version again something we will grudge in this article, so check back every now and then over.

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