connecting the printer to Fritz box & amp; use as a network printer

If you connect a printer to the Fritz box, you can use it on any device on the network. That you may have made of the USB printer a network printer. We show you how to do it.

Unless your printer has a USB port, can you plug it into the USB port of the Fritz box.

Advantage: After setting up all network devices can print to the printer.

4710Fritzbox with printer connect (AVM)

disadvantage For printers that are connected via USB to the Fritz box:

  • Ink levels and other information for service can not be recalled.
  • Instead the printer has to continue to be connected locally via USB to a computer.

If your printer has a LAN port or a wireless LAN function, you can also connect him / connect it.

connecting the printer to Fritz

  1. Opens the Fritz interface.
  2. Disables the USB remote connection, if your printer is set up for use with the Fritz-USB remote connection. Otherwise it does not work.
  3. Includes the printer via USB to the Fritz box.
  4. The computer you press the keys Windows + R.
  5. In the Run dialog you giveĀ control.exe printers a to the window devices and printer to open.
  6. Click on the button above Add printer and selects the second option: Add a network, Drahtlos- or Bluetooth printer.
  7. In the new window you click on the button The printer is not listed.

    Selects this option.Selects this option.

  8. then selects the option Add printer using the TCP / IP address or hostname.
  9. at Hostname or IP address you give and confirms.

    Uses Uses "" as the host name / IP address.

  10. The Fritz box is now trying to identify the printer.
  11. If you window Additional Port Information Required is displayed, you activate the option below custom and click on the button Continue.
  12. Now give the printer manufacturer and model that confirms Continue and finally to Complete.
Here you manually selects the correct printer.Here you manually selects the correct printer.

If the correct printer you is not displayed as a selection, you must install this before using the included software. Alternatively, you can find the printer driver on the website of the manufacturer.

connect wireless printer with Fritz

If you have a wireless printer, you must connect it via its interface usually only with your wireless network. By default, a unique IP address is then assigned to your printer.

Under certain circumstances, you must in the Fritz box settings Wireless, Security a check mark in Shown below active wireless devices may communicate with each other. However, this should be set by default.


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