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Amazon can be found not only goods that are sold directly through online trading giants. and third and even individuals own lot to offer for sale on the Marketplace. Are you specifically looking for a seller on Amazon, is designed this a little awkward.

We show you how you can search for specific sellers on Amazon.

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Specifically find MarketPlace dealer

A direct search for Marketplace dealer does not offer Amazon itself. Here you have to drive an additional provider.

Dealer locator*

  1. Gets noted in the marketplace tool on *.
  2. In the search box, you can specify the name of the corresponding seller.
  3. Click "Search seller" and the search is started.
  4. Is located in the database a result that matches your search query, this will be displayed. Makes the request on several results, you will receive a maximum of five stores in the display. Specify your search to make the right dealer.

Note that the search only lists distributors that offer new products. Has a Marketplace vendor exclusively used items on offer, the name does not appear here.

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Search for Amazon sellers, Neither klappts

Have you already bought something from a third party, the Seller Search made easier through Amazon:

  1. Login you an Amazon.
  2. Controls the section "My Account" at.
  3. Here you can see "My Orders" all purchases from previous opinions - no matter whether they have been made directly through Amazon or through a marketplace dealer.
  4. Looking directly at the URL. There can be found next to "sell by" an indication of the dealer. the item has been sold directly through Amazon, it will display "Amazon EU S.A.R.L.". the purchase through another dealer was settled, is the appropriate vendor name here. To get an overview of the seller, click on the name. Do you want to browse in the shop of the corresponding Marketplace provider, the left controls the button "showcase" to. So you reach the respective shop directly.

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