Remove Spider-app: Repair on iPhone and Android device

Whether Android smartphone or iPhone, Tablet, Windows Phone or even an old Bada device, a specific app is apparently compatible with mobile all generations. The installation is very simple, done within seconds and usually costs nothing. However, the features of the app are questionable, and no later than the removal of the app will be costly. We are talking about the "Spider-app".

Almost every mobile phone owners had even the Spider-app or at least knows someone who has the Spider-app ever brought.

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Spider-app: None she wants, almost everyone has (had) they

Of course, this is not an app in the traditional sense. Under the "Spider-app" means rather a damaged, cracked screen on a cell phone. After a fall or blow the phone screen will not break mostly clean, but is split into several factions. the optics resembles cobwebs, which is why the term "Spider-App" in the vernacular has been established. Unlike Nokia devices from the last millennium takes in a fall of the mobile device is not the bottom damage, but the smartphone itself.

  • Also drops from a relatively low height, the display can already jump.
  • In most cases, all functions of the touch displays can continue to operate. The "Spider-app" often affects the operation behind the screen, but the top layer of glass.
  • Nevertheless, restrictions on the entry and thus malfunctions of cracked displays a common practice, but at least is the Look of expensive equipment destroyed.


To protect his device before display damage, you should not miss to provide the expensive mobile phone with an appropriate protective cover or display film it.

Cover and films in the GIGA Store

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Remove Spider-app: iPhone Repair

Remove Spider-app: Repair on iPhone and Android deviceIs it already too late, an envelope has not done his job or has even deliberately avoided a case and the screen is cracked, the device is far from lost. As a rule, a zersprungener smartphone screen can be replaced cleanly without causing lasting damage to the device are visible.

  • Mostly found one in every major city Repair service for defective smartphone displays.
  • Even the manufacturer directly, you can instruct the restoration of the display.

Repair services bring but often large costs with it. Especially with older devices, the price of the display exchange often exceeds the purchase of a new device. Anyone with a little patience, skill and craft joy can replace the smartphone display with corresponding repair kits themselves.

GIGA shop their repair kits for the exchange of each iPhone display is on the iPhone 4. The repair kits bring a complete set consisting of the display and the associated tools. The Displayset also brings with FaceTime camera, a microphone and the speaker. Of course, a corresponding illustrated instructions should not be missed in order to remove the Spider-app itself. In the support area you many answers that could occur with any questions during the repair place.

Now remove Spider-app from iPhone*

For various Android devices can be found on the net repair kit *Remove Spider-app: Repair on iPhone and Android device to replace the "spider" screen. Based on the reviews can be make quickly whether the repair kit is any good and meets the requirements. In general, however, one should be careful when sharing and hire a repair service in doubt, to risk any major, possibly permanent damage to the unit due to a failed "Spider-app" distance.

Also read about what you can do if the touch screen does not respond.

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