Hermes: Tracking is not working – what to do?

Just as with DHL you also in the dispatch service Hermes the ability to able to track a package online to be informed about the current delivery status. In some cases, it may happen that the tracking at Hermes does not work.

Below you learn what you can do with interference with the Hermes tracking. Does not tracking this can have several different causes, the origin of which should address in more detail.

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Hermes: Tracking does not work &# 8211; avoid faults and errors

The status of the delivery can be carried out online via the corresponding web site * at Hermes. For this, the shipment number is required.

  • Can the shipment status is not displayed, check whether you have specified the shipment number correctly. Pays attention to the fact that her Caps-Lock have disabled to not to write in symbols instead of numbers.
  • also careful not to accidentally enter the account number instead of the program number in the space respects.
  • Making sure that you have received from the dealer the right tracking number,
  • Perhaps the firewall or the antivirus software prevents proper communication with the servers for your status. Checks whether any adjustments were made, which lead to the Hermes-tracking does not work.
  • Note that the data is not provided online in real time. the package may have been recently deliver the transport service and therefore not yet registered online for the tracking. Checks the state at a later time.

Hermes: Tracking is not working - what to do?

Hermes: Tracking is not working - what to do?

In rare cases, it may also be that the tracking at Hermes is down. This can be. B., occur when the servers are currently serviced or there is an unexpected server error. In you can check whether the Hermes servers are down. Tried the query again in this case at a later date. If your number still spend a result, over time, the contact with the Hermes service is recommended. Keep this handy next to your shipment number and the sender and the destination address and the date of dispatch of the consignment.

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With us you also learn what the item "Other" mean in the shipment tracking.

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