No GPS signal – What to do if the site can not be located?

Whether a longer ride pending or as in our case, the bag monster-hunting in Pokémon GO because of the message &# 8220; location could not be located&# 8221; falls into the water: Who has a GPS signal has a problem! In this guide, we want you to show why some methods, like her your GPS signal is amplified and still finds the right way to target or location.

As is known, many roads lead to Rome without GPS signal but you have to first find. Some tips can quickly help or for better reception at least pinpoint the problem, others are a bit more time consuming and require that you have some technical know-how. But let's start with the basics.

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Update July 13, 2016

Pokémon GO: Location could not be located &# 8211; solution

Who before reporting &# 8220; location could not be located&# 8221; fails in Pokémon GO, may in addition to tips to improve the GPS signal also try this fix, which makes currently in various forums wide. Who has nothing and Pokémon GO at the hat just wants to bring only his navigation system back up and running, but may neglect strong and continue to scroll to the other tips the following tip.

One way to go with Pokémon GO continues to pocket monster hunting and the message &# 8220; location could not be located&# 8221; reduce can disable you in the Developer Options of your Android smartphones, the Falschen- or pseudo-sites. For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Finished Pokémon GO and goes into the Android settings menu.
  2. If you have not unlocked the developer options in the settings, you can find here a tutorial for it: Android Developer options aktvieren &# 8211; That's how it's done.
  3. Go into Developer Options and enable it by her shows up right the switch to On.
    Switch Pokémon GO Enwtickleroptionen
  4. Read through the aufpoppenden Note and confirms this by her tap on the OK button.
  5. now scroll to the option mock locations or pseudo-sites down and disables the option.
    disable Pokémon GO mock locations

Original message

No GPS signal &# 8211; What can interfere with the reception?

no gps signal shutterstock_221551531Several factors can cause you do not immediately get a connection to a GPS satellite or connection errors. These basic points can help you if you do not get a GPS signal:

  • If you want to start already in the house, the navigation, it could lead to connection problems. Thickness of walls of buildings interfere with the signal strong.
  • A cell phone shell from the wrong material can cause connection problems. Remove the shell and tried again.
  • Also, the signal may of course be disturbed by reflection of signals or other extraneous signals in the area (for example, a utility poles, etc.).

But if you partout gets no reception, no matter what you do, you should test to see if perhaps your GPS antenna is defective in the smartphone. This can make their test, among other things with the app GPS. If you can still not connect, you should judge you to the manufacturer or the retailer.

Or Just back the good old road map?*

amplify a GPS signal &# 8211; The Android Settings

In the current Android smartphones there is a built-in function to determine one GPS accuracy and thus to move more quickly to a site survey. These three modes provide current Android devices:

  • Only device: only use GPS satellites to determine location.
  • Power saving function: only use wireless / mobile network to determine location.
  • High precision: use to determine location all possibilities (GPS / WLAN / mobile network).

So if you receive a GPS signal or will increase the accuracy, you should use the setting High accuracy. the mode &# 8220; High accuracy&# 8221; using the procedure A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System), which also uses the Wi-Fi or mobile network in addition to the satellite-supported positioning to certain a very precise location to. Here, it should be noted that the power consumption is higher than in the other two modes, and your battery is therefore possibly empties faster than usual. So it sets the mode for your Android smartphone:

  1. Go to the settings menu of your Android device.
  2. Wipes here to point users down.
    No GPS signal settings
  3. Typed here on the menu item location.
  4. The positioning should be set to On.
    No GPS Signal Location
  5. Taps mode, where you can now choose between three different modes.
  6. Now taps are finished High accuracy.
    No GPS signal site mode

GPS fix by manual adjustment (only with root!)

Another possibility is to manually adjust the GPS.conf As Partick Salm says in your Android system on his blog. However, your phone must be rooted to this file to edit. If you have already done anyway, you really need only a file explorer, which can also deal with root privileges, such as the ES File Explorer.

Many custom ROMs, but also imported smartphones use to synchronize the American NTP server to their time. While this does not change anything at the GPS location itself, but it needs more time and can be interrupted by frequent connection problems. For this reason, you should adjust the GPS.conf in that they use the German time server for comparison. For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Controls on your rooted phone with your file explorer to the following folder: &# 8220; system / etc /&# 8220 ;.
  2. Here you find the GPS.conf which can edit it now (with root privileges).
  3. In the first line you should now something like &# 8220; NTP_Server: 8221; find.
  4. Replace the first line by the following German time server:NTP_SERVER =
  5. Saves the file (root access required) and starts your Android device.
  6. Now the connection should be faster and easier on the hand.


Image Sources: Maxx studio via Shutterstock


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