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The number of one-click-hoster has become almost unmanageable. Although the pioneer of OCH concludes with Rapidshare its doors soon, but with Uploaded, Share-Online and other services, there are numerous other offerings in which you upload your own files and projects and can provide other available for download. With Smoozed there is a provider that combines multiple services in one account.

After a fee-based registration with Smoozed you get, among other things access to the following one-click hosters:

  • Oboom
  • Rapidgator
  • Share-Online
  • Upload Able
  • Uploaded
  • zippyshare

Once the download is over Smoozed legal?

The registration and the use of Smoozed are legal. However, the service must not be used to download copyrighted material for the individual platforms, and provide for download.

Registration with Smoozed is particularly suitable for PC users must download through various different services the files. With a one-time registration with Smoozed to simultaneously gain access to many one-click hosters. For the Smoozed access you pay currently 1 month 4.99 € are € 29.99 for a full year due. Priced it is therefore even below the price of individual providers in Uploaded about € 24.99 will be due for a three-month access. Smoozed supports multiple download tools, including the popular jDownloader2.

Smoozed: Multi Hoster for various one-click services

shutterstock_184571981However, the offer of Smoozed also has its downsides. So it is quite possible that one or the other one-click-hoster is no longer supported from one day to the other of Smoozed. Only recently has about Premiumize lost the provider Uploaded from its supported services. If one has the annual subscription risen only because of a certain access, this omission can be quite painful. payment or addition is currently only credit card, Google Wallet possible. For many Internet users, a "No Go", even more so when it is in a new and relatively unknown service.

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