off iPhone – Here’s with and without power button

When is the iPhone really turned off when only in standby mode? And what can we do if the power button is broken? Beginners are explained here everything related to the power button:

off iPhone - important's mit und ohne Power-Button

iPhone off with the power button

Completely clear, the iPhone we turn up and out over the power button. A short press locks the smartphone and the display switches off (standby mode). Calls therefore reach us yet, data connections are optionally prepared, the battery empties, and so on. On the plane this off is not enough. Here we use the best return on airplane mode.

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The iPhone we turn off completely, as we press for about three seconds on the power button. the slider appears. we wipe from left to right, the iPhone will shut down completely.
Alarm Clock, calls, messages, all this is no longer possible. And locate iPhone also no longer works - this type of theft protection (or the track) then falls so flat (as of course in flight mode).

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iPhone off without power button

On my iPhone 4s was the Power button defective. Fortunately, there is a Another way to turn off the iPhone.

Go into the settings of the iPhone -> General -> Accessibility. Turn here AssistiveTouch one. Now one appears virtual button, which you can move on the display. Tap him and then Device -> Lock screen. This option works like the power button on top of iPhone: tapping you him for a moment, the screen is locked. Will you stay long with his finger on the wiper knob off appears.

Close the device to a power source to turn on the iPhone without power button.

By the way you want to Assistive Touch button only sometimes see on your screen, you can turn it on via the home button and off. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility shortcuts and select AssistiveTouch. Clicking now three times on the home button, you switch one or from the virtual button.

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