Ghost Recon Wildlands: All weapons in the overview

In Ghost Recon Wildlands you have many weapons for the war against El Sueño available. What do you use it is up to you. Clearly, however, that you need a lot of firepower and should therefore obtain the best weapons. Armed with pistols, shotguns or assault rifles, your task is to win the battle against the drug cartel and we show you what you should know to arms.

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You are as Ghost go and fight you with your team through the ranks of criminals who the people Bolivia have subjugated so they of the illegal activities drug lords support. But while counting not only the penetration power of your weapons, but you also have to Decisions in talks meet and interrogations carry out. but for all other concerns in Ghost Recon Wildlands but you need instruments of war, which we would like to present you here.

All weapons from Narco Roads
Here it goes directly to the PvP weapons!

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Ghost Recon Wildlands: All weapons in the overview

In Ghost Recon Wildlands can be found again and again Green Mission crates, can adapt to what you your equipment. In addition to color also you recognize these boxes on the cartridge icon. There you can change their your weapons and ammunition to increase. Before you can, however, replace weapons, you have to unlock it first. In general, you can three weapons carry with you. A Gun, a primary and a secondary weapon belong to your inventory. In adapting your equipment you can with this then Essays and Extras provided.

UPDATE 19/04/2017: All new weapons from the DLC Narco Road can be found on the second page of this article.

Ghost Recon Wildlands all weaponsAt these caissons can adjust their your equipment.

A very convenient feature, for example, the silencer, with which you can make as Ghost all honor her your name, having entire groups can silently off of enemies. Otherwise, help you Handles, visors, runs or scopes, so you can be more deadly. Among the different categories of weapons include:

  • Light Machine Guns (LMG)
  • Machine guns (MP)
  • Assault rifles
  • shotguns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Small arms
  • compact MG&# 8217; s

Depending progresses in the game you progress, the greater the variety of customizations and modifications of weapons. Makes you a name in the drug war, or are a spirit, that you may get additional equipment. What shootas can create it, we show you in our gallery:

Gallery Ghost Recon Wildlands weapons

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upgrade weapons through the tier-one mode

Through updates, it is you now also possible to upgrade your weapons, and they can improve without attachments. For this, you must, however, first the maximum level reached 30. Then you can the enable tier one mode and you level up in theory from the beginning. However, it enters on Tier Level 50 and need you to work your one. Each time you level up, you gain their rewards and can improve your weapons.

Ghost Recon Wildlands upgrade weaponsIn the lower area you see what you need to improve.

The improvement of weapons increases your damage value of the individual tools of war. For that you have 2,000 resources of every kind (supplies, medicines, etc.) pay, this increases the damage. In addition, your weapon now has a stage which increases their time. So you should do the following:

  1. Reach level 30th
  2. Activates the tier-one mode.
  3. Go into the menu to the point &Equipment; # 8220&# 8221; and selects the appropriate weapon.
  4. now selects &Damage appreciation; # 8220&# 8221; from, if you possess the necessary resources.

There are no further improved attributes give. Therefore, you should consider you well, what weapon to get the appreciation.

Unlock Weapons

Before you can equip yourself with new weapons, you have to Find weapons crates. These are distributed across the different regions of Bolivia and with a blue icon provided. You should still be attentive, because not every case always promises a new shotgun. Many of them give you only modifications, to improve your weapons. You can the locations of Documents or informants learn that they may be marked on your map. When the icons appear, can you watch them you and get a preview of what is hidden in the crates. As an example, we show you a map of the start area:

Ghost RCON Wildlands unlock all weaponsIn this box you will find a nice little shotgun for example.

Unfortunately, it is not possible, you simply grab the weapons of defeated enemies and keep forever. Therefore, you've got to venture into dangerous areas from time to time to get better guns from weapons crates. To give you the right information to the sites, so you can unlock all the weapons, there are two ways:

  • Intel items
  • Intel interrogations

At the Intel items count cards, laptops and documents, which you can find in many places in the game world. There are also HVTs (High-value target), which provide you information on high-level goals. May discern her these items based on a Gray circle with an exclamation point. If its a interrogated target person, can you also for different things &# 8220; ask&# 8221 ;, which also the locations of weapons crates.

The 10 best weapons for real Ghosts

What weapon really the best part in Ghost Recon Wildlands in the end, depends to a large extent by your style of play. The rifles and shotguns have their advantages and disadvantages, making her partially assembles you based on your preferences the best weapons themselves. What weapons parts can be used to improve her and like her she gets, we'll show you a little further down in this article. Here's our list of the 10 best weapons in GRW, where we wrote a single guide for you for two of the guns:

MSR &# 8211; one of the best Sniper!

Mk 17 &# 8211; one of the best assault rifles!

ACR (assault rifle)

The ACR is an excellent and stable weapon with a good damage. Although this is not very high, but the accuracy of the ACR balances it perfectly again. You can find this assault rifle Media Luna. Search there after the village La Loma, north of the collection point Media Luna Bravo. You can find the appropriate weapons crate in a yellow &# 8220; dandruff&# 8221; near the river.

Ghost Recon Wildlands best weaponsThe ACR is a classic in shooters, is also in GRW among the best weapons.

MK249 (LMG)

This heavy weapon is ideal if your enemies with steady fire want to fix. If the followers of the cartel to pounce on one of your allies, you can it with the MK249 flank perfect on and off quickly. You can find the weapon in Malca, at a picket. you can find a lake in this region on the map. North by that you find the appropriate outpost and the weapons crate should be between a few stacks of boxes.

Ghost Recon Wildlands best weaponsThe Mk249 has an excellent rate of fire.

TAR-21 (assault rifle)

The TAR-21 may be due to its good rate of fire and the strong penetration of a danger to vehicles. Of course you can decimate the henchmen of El Sueño with her. If you want to see TAR-21 that then makes you on the way to the Montuyoc region. There you have the city choza Padre south of the large round lake in the center of the province. You come anyway to these weapons crate while the story missions. It is located on an upper floor of the building, where you can find the story Intel.

Ghost Recon Wildlands best weaponsA scare for vehicles and drug traffickers: The TAR-21!

L115A3 (sniper rifle)

This sniper rifle is also a powerful weapon against vehicles. We count this weapon of the strongest calibres in the game, because it has an enormous tactical advantage to offer, if you do use against motorized enemies. So you may be able find, should for her Monte Puncu travel and there the El Yayo Cooperative in west Chaca Barracha attention.

GRW 10 best weaponsThis powerful sniper rifle makes short work vehicles and soldiers.

PSG (machine gun)

This MP is one of the most precise weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands. So are you a friend of quiet, yet fast maneuvers through the ranks of the enemy, the PSG is your friend. Find can have this weapon in San Mateo, in the southern base. You can find the PSG in an armory which her a basis &# 8220; explosive Icon&# 8221; recognizes.

Ghost Recon Wildlands best weapons.The PSG is very precise, but you must dare you into an enemy base.

Scorpion EVO 3

The Scorpion EVO 3 is very good for urban warfare suitable. It has a very low recoil and a high rate of fire. The damage is not sufficient at the top level yet. So you can call your own this assault rifle, need for her Koani and there the fighting post south of the city Huertas attention. On the site you can see a hangar, where you can find the weapon.

Best weapon in Ghost Recon WildlandsA strong weapon for fighting at close range.

SPAS-12 (shotgun)

The SPAS-12 is an ideal choice if you need larger groups of enemies to fight in a small space. The secret of the strength of this weapon is its fast reload speed. Without losing much time, you remain combat ready and can the followers of the cartel with strong attacks do. So you come to the shotgun, need for her La Cruz reach. There you're looking for F.O.B. Vibora in the South-east from Khochi. Once there, you have to look for a building near the main road to find the weapons crate.

Ghost Recon Wildlands best weaponsThe SPAS-12 is very deadly at close range and makes you an aggressive attacker.

D-50 (pistol)

The last weapon in our top 10 is the D-50 gun. Your reload speed is incredibly fast and they will continue to provide you good stability and rapid rate of fire. she is a upgrade your initial gun. So you can get this improvement must for her Libertad and there the F.O.B. Oso Hormiguero search. You find it southern from the collection point Libertad Charlie.

Summary of all weapons

The amount of weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands is enormous. In each category, you are numerous weapons models. The assault rifles are right at the front, as they offer the greatest variety. We give you into our table an overview of all firearms in the game:

Light machine gunsLlamativo, Stoner LMG A1, Type 95, MG121, El Bastión, Mk 249, 6P41, Mk 48
machine gunsExperimento # 42 MP7, PSG, Vector .45 ACP, MP5, Mendeleev, PP-19, 9x19VSN, SR-635, Residuos, 9 mm-C1, UY !, P90, MPX, Scorpion EVO 3
Assault riflesAK-47, Ritmo, his AK-47, El Commandante, AK-12 (GR Network), R5 RGP, your AK-47, 805 Bren A2, ACR, G2, Tar-21, Aug. 13, Mk 17, M4A1, 556xi, P416, SIG556 Lama, SR-3M, L85A2, M4A1 (Tactical)
shotgunsSILENCIO !, SASG-12, Super Shorty, SPAS-12, El Obsequio, El cuentista
Sniper riflesChica Mala, Lanza sagrada, M400A4 The Warhawk, M1891, Dragunow (SVD), SR-1, MSR, G28, Mk 14, SRS-A1, SR-25, L115A3, HTI
Ghost Recon Wildlands WeaponsIn the overview, you have a wide selection of weapons and modifications.

Unlock weapons parts

Each weapon in Ghost Recon Wildlands can be modified with different items and thus improved. You can find the weapon parts in the weapon crates, which are distributed all over the world map. May discern her discovery sites for weapons parts from the icon with a blue gun and a gear. The following items can be changed:

  • mouth
  • deduction
  • shaft
  • rail
  • run
  • optical sight
  • magazine
  • underflow
Ghost Recon Wildlands free chaten weapon partsIn the modification of your weapons you have very many options.

There are differences between the individual categories of weapons. Thus, the modification can be used differently in each category. What effect does a weapon part on your current weapon, you can see directly in the lower right of the screen. This is especially helpful if you your weapons to the green ammunition boxes want to change spontaneously, so that you may respond well to a situation. This you can do even in combat. In addition to the weapons parts, then can also be Weapon skins adapt and change.

unlock exotic weapons

Some weapons are not easy to recover from boxes, but you get it, if you turn off the minions of El Sueño. So you get a nice AK-47 duo, for example, the leaders of the initiation region. Depending on your preference, there are the classics as women's or men's edition. Each sidekick, which you lay the craft, you will have access to another weapon. We list you the exotic weapons and show you, what villains have to bring her around the corner for this:

  • Antonio: Ladykiller
  • Boston Reed: The Warhawk
  • Carl Bookhart: M4A1 Tactical
  • Carzita: llamativo
  • DJ Perico: Ritmo
  • El Cerebro: Experimento # 42
  • El Chido: ¡UY!
  • El Comandante: El Comandante
  • El Enusario: The BFF
  • El General: El General
  • El Polito: His AK-47
  • El Pozolero: Residuos
  • El Pulpo: El Obsequio
  • El Sueño: ¡Silencio!
  • El Wey: El cuentista
  • La Cabra: Chica Mala
  • La Santera: Lanza Sagrada
  • La Yuri: Your AK-48
  • Madre Coca: El Baston
  • Marcus Jensen: Mendeleyev
  • Ricardo Godinez Del Toro: La Novena

Do you have your selection is made, can you your Ghost perfectly adapted to your style of play and win the battle against the cartels with the unlocked weapons. Try out you and you will find out if you prefer to start at all or with the shotgun through the window silently your enemies from afar off. until all weapons unlocked in Ghost Recon Wildlands, it will probably take some time.


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