Spotify as an alarm clock? That goes with these apps for Android and iOS!

The music streaming service Spotify can be made with an Android or iOS smartphone quickly to an alarm clock and so sweeten the first minutes of a new day. Spotify itself has no built-in alarm clock, but there are a variety of free and paid apps for both operating systems from which we imagine a few.

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There are some apps that can repurpose your mobile phone to radio alarm clock &# 8211; none of them are 100% satisfactory. You need a premium account and usually the app must be active and needs access to the Internet in order to wake you successful. Below more about the options and tips for best selection.

Spotify Alarm Clock: Apps for Android

WakeifyThis app from the Google Play store can be had for free. The Spotify Alarm Clock features many functions:

  • Fast song search.
  • Select multiple wake-up songs possible Wakeify then searches for random from a morning surprise song for you.
  • Programming various alarms.
  • Adjustable snooze function.
  • Defining the different alarms for different days.
  • Volume adjustment of Spotify alarm sounds and programmable rising volume.
  • Important function: If Spotify does not start, wakes you Wakeify with your internal system Android alarm.

Spotify Alarm Clock wakeify app from the play store

The benefit of this app is only possible with a premium account with Spotify and of course the songs must be available, so stored either online or on the device. Apart from the app by users has been received extremely poor reviews &# 8211; It was even claimed that they came straight out of hell. In fact, all the nice features are worthless if they do not work and there seem to be present considerable problems.

The app was not found in the store.

Alarmify: This app is much simpler in their functions, but it seems it is usually best to run &# 8211; So awaken properly. However, some things to consider:

  • here you need a premium account and an Internet connection to use the Spotify alarm clock.
  • The app needs to keep running in the background &# 8211; it does so not will not wake her.
  • The resulting from these factors power consumption is high &# 8211; so you should connect the phone at night to the power supply.

spotify alarm clock alarmify app for android and ios

This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

AlarmifydownloadQR codeAlarmifyDeveloper: Henrik OlssonPrice: Free

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Spotify alarm clock for iOS devices

  • The app Alarmify described above is also available for iOS devices, the functioning and the mentioned restrictions are identical.

 The app was not found in the store.

  • Another Spotify alarm clock for iOS devices is the app SPOTI alarm. But here cons are to be accepted, because the idea is basically very good, but not really mature. Also this app has to constantly run along and does not tolerate when the screen is locked. Likewise, they will only work with premium account and Internet connection. That is, the power consumption is large &# 8211; the smart phone should be charged at night.

Spotify Alarm Clock SPOTI alarm for iOS

The app was not found in the store.

Overall, one can say that these apps are all not really mature and completely convincing, you have to just try, so you can cope best. It may also be more reliable and therefore more relaxed, resort to a clock app that wakes you with MP3s, can run without much consumption in the background and does not require a premium account for it.

MP3 Music Alarm ClockdownloadQR codeMP3 Music Alarm ClockDeveloper: Michael ZetzmannPrice: Free

Source: screenshots via Google Play Store, iTunes

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