o2 fault current: No calls possible – problems today (17 May 2017)

O2 you can get both an access to the broadband Internet and fixed and mobile telephony. Although O2 is one of the largest providers in Germany, however, the provider is not immune to temporary disturbances. Reception and connection problems may be both regionally or nationwide occur in Germany. Currently disorders are increasingly being reported in the o2 network (17 May 2017).

Update: interference with CO2 today (Internet and telephone calls)

Currently, the reports of problems with CO2 increase. Most users may indeed continue surfing mobile case, however, the call is not possible via a smartphone as well as in the fixed network. Who wants to do an urgent call over the phone, so may temporarily change to the calling feature of WhatsApp. If you call yourself, the caller receives a dial tone repeatedly, the phone itself does not respond to the call attempt. The faults are reported nationwide, an agglomeration of a certain space does not exist. An official statement on the cause of the problems there are not yet in Twitter but has been reported that working on the "interference".

Once there is new information on the cause or if an end to the o2 fault is foreseeable, we will inform you about it here.

In February there was the last major disturbance in DSL connections from o2. Often it helped at that time to change the DNS. The web portal of the provider their interference on the o2 live check may approve.

Check O2 network online*

Give one of your postcode or the place in the appropriate field. As a result, you get an overview of the current functionality of the o2 networks. In addition, you can see here is whether and in what quality LTE is available at the selected location. Also, you can see whether planned works are pending that could cause a network error. It should be borne in mind that new disturbances could be represented at o2 with a delay. The data is updated every 30 minutes.

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What to do with a o2 Disorder?

  • Should you problems while surfing or phone calls notice over CO2, we recommend a look at the official Twitter account of the provider.
  • Larger, widespread disruptions to communicate about this.
  • Of course you can also contact via the O2 hotline.
  • An overview of Germany-wide restrictions on o2 can be found in the Help Forum o2.
  • Alternatively, take a look at the official help page o2 on Facebook.
  • Here, too, is made known to you when there is a malfunction with CO2.
  • As a rule, the expected fault duration is specified here.
  • Should there be a greater o2 disorder, you do not have much choice but to wait until this is resolved.
o2-Aid facebooko2 help Facebook (Screenshot: Facebook.de)

Interference with CO2? This can be done

Should be nothing to read about o2 problems on the official routes, throw a look at the offer of allestoerungen.de. Here messages from affected o2 Customers also notice disturbances in gather, whether in fixed-line, broadband or mobile. Can be found here at a certain time increasing complaints about a lack of connection offered, also assume a larger problem that itself can not resolve. Tweets about o2 stoerung Provide it with a failure in the Internet connection on a PC or smartphone firm, it often helps to put the router from power, or simply restart the smartphone. Checks also that all cables are connected properly and whether the Internet is configured correctly on that device. Disorders and reception problems can thereby also o2 various causes. So it can for. his example, that only one cable was accidentally damaged during construction work. In addition, it may have come to a defect at a receiving station of CO2, which is responsible for the current failure.

o2-help-forumCurrent faults are reported in the o2 Help Forum.

Via chat, or in person at o2 Disorder Service is available:

  • O2 DSL service chat
  • O2 DSL on-site service

If you think everything set up correctly, it is advisable to contact the o2 Support:

  • Emergency hotline: 0800-5251378 (free)
  • o2 Disorder holins: 0179 to 55222 (free with O2 mobile or DSL connection)
  • o2 Disorder holins: 0800 to 5,522,211 (free)

Original Article from 1 September 2014 last updated on 02.22.2017


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