The three best websites for royalty-free photos and free pictures

photos-free-downloadBloggers, web designers, advertisers and graphic artists rely for their work almost daily to new photos. Previously, this meant that they sought for hours in the Stock photo catalogs and royalties were due. But the network is currently found thousands of pictures for private and commercial use for free. Flickr and Google image search are certainly the most famous offerings. The three best alternative sources of free images and everything worth knowing about royalty-free photos we present here.

What about the rights of use in the license-free photos?

Basically, it is important first to distinguish between private and commercial use. Private you use a photo For example, if you adorn an invitation for your birthday party with it and made any this invitation to 100 friends. This is allowed in all you free-photo databases, as you pursue no commercial interest with the action. but thou dost ask for admission to the party, things look different again and you break, if necessary against the use of the image rights.

to commercial use are Royalty Free Stock Photos usually released in the following cases:

  • For integration into a blog or business website.
  • For printing on posters, in catalogs and flyers, newspapers or magazines. Some of the height of the print run is, however, limited in quantity.
  • The sale of the printed products is usually allowed.

but almost always apply The following restrictions:

  • The photo may not be published as a so-called stand-alone subject, eg. As a postcard. That is, the picture may not stand alone on the printed product.
  • The picture may not be used in connection with sexist, criminal, defamatory or similar content.
  • The picture may not be resold, eg. To other stock photo agencies are still offered at a different location for free download.

Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that this compilation does not claim to be complete. In any case, you should have the individual provisions closely studying before you use a foreign photo for commercial purposes.

The Load Blog review: the three best photo download sites for commercially viable Photos

For the objective determination of the best free image sources we have a small Test with 10 free photo sites carried out. We have to in any database &Beach; # 8220&# 8221; motifs searched. on the one hand the number of existing designs in the database were compared overall and on the other hand, the number of beach found images. The free, commercial use of the images was a prerequisite for the inclusion of sites in the test. From the quality of the images you make your opinions for yourself an impression.

spiaggia e barche Mauritius1st place &# 8211;
With over 600,000 images in the portfolio and 18,500 beach photos took first place in our tests. In addition to photos you can also find illustrations on the page. Only minus: The images downloads are limited to 1 per day.

pixelioplace 2 &# 8211;
These &# 8211; only German &# 8211; Photo download site has to offer 350,000 images. 10,000 results revealed the search for &Beach; # 8220&# 8221 ;. The presentation of the Terms of Use &# 8211; similar to Flickr &# 8211; very clear and easy to understand.

morguefileplace 3 &# 8211;
225,000 photos are ready for total Morguefile downloadable and 4300 fit our criteria. The site is a little slow, unfortunately, but this is offset by the fact that you can download at Morguefile account without the images.

// Update: In a recent article we have compiled more sources of free images. //

Cover photo: © Jerzy / PIXELIO; Photo # 1: marcomayer / Photoxpress;
Photo to place 2: © Kerstin Siebers / PIXELIO; Photo No. 3: t jk / (cc)


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