WinSxS clean up: what works, what does not?

Of course, the Windows operating system needs a lot of space to work properly. One begins to clean up his computer, you will encounter sooner or later on the Windows subfolder WinSxS. This seems to balloon literally and claim through thousands of files gigabytes of memory on its own after some use. But what is behind WinSxS and you can delete the folder to save disk space?

WinSxS clean up: what works, what does not?

WinSxS made his first appearance in Windows XP and occurs especially in Windows Vista and 7 as extreme memory hogs on. Should you consider to want WinSxS slide by clicking on "Delete" in the trash, let. The folder C: \ Windows \ WinSxS is essential for the operating system.

What makes the WinSxS folder?

The function of WinSxS drives many users win a big question mark on the forehead. The dropped files are merely a reference to another file on the hard disk. Services such as Windows Update, but also applications off of Windows can use the stored references from WinSxS (or "Windows Side-by-Side") to access files on the hard disk and automatically read information to z. to check as Windows on a new update available. In WinSxS folder to hard links found mostly on multiple versions of DLL files, which can be accessed without compatibility problems and detours of the computer. WinSxS thus serves the system faster and easier work.

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WinSxS clean: So save your space

Although WinSxS eats apparently several gigabytes in the folder listing, quite as much space does not increase the folder contents but then one. Since it is in the folder only references Explorer is the actual file size and not the link displayed in Windows.

Will you still beat a little capital from WinSxS and recover valuable space on your hard disk, you can remove backup the subfolder WinSxS \. This includes restoring files that are not usually required. By deleting the folder WinSxS you can free again evacuate some gigabytes. Also, you can remove from the suspect and space-intensive folder the service pack installation files. The easiest way is via the Disk Cleanup. Have you done this to her but no longer will the SP1 off easily.

Otherwise, you should all data in the folder WinSxS left as to avoid errors when working with Windows. Alternatively you look you in the ways that are used to clean up a PC, aim of clearing the hard drive.


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