The Originals Season 3: When the season starts in Germany? And what about the plot?

The Originals is one of the most beloved fantasy series in Germany. Season 2 already ended with a major cliffhanger. But as the story goes? And when to start Season 3 of The Originals in Germany? All information on the season and the start date is here.

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In the series The Originals is about Klaus Mikaelson - half-werewolf, half-vampire who returns to his half-siblings Rebekah and Elijah in her old home in New Orleans. There Marcel ruled the city, a boy Klaus had then held in its custody and for death. Klaus wants the city have returned. However, he learns also that the werewolf Hayley girl has a child by him, which does not make things any easier, since enemies are out to get the newborn.

The Originals Season 3: plot and story

Caution, possible spoilers!

Klaus Mikaelson wants to lead his vendetta against Marcel on.Klaus Mikaelson wants to lead his vendetta against Marcel on. Provided by: The CW

Klaus and his half-brother Elijah have thousands of years spent in order to hold together its not really functioning family. In the second season, the two have united against their resurrected mother Esther and her sister Dahlia, and Esther both tormented by demons of their past and wanted to make them mortal. Ultimately, however, they were able to defeat them both.

In the third season, Klaus and Elijah alienate more and more, although both terms with their long-lost sister Freya. Hayley suffers in time to Klaus&8217; Revenge, while Marcel and Davina govern the city under a new status quo. Meanwhile, a mystery revealed: The first vampire who was conceived by Mika Elson 1000 years ago, is the newest resident in New Orleans.

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The Originals Season 3: Start date in the USA and Germany

Hayley suffers from Klaus' Dickköpfigkeit. Bildquelle: The CWHayley suffers from Klaus&8217; Stubbornness. Provided by: The CW

The second season of The Originals was launched in the US on October 6, 2014. In Germany, the series was broadcast, however, until almost 5 months later on February 27, 2015. Start date for the third season in the US on October 8, 2015. As the production cycles of the series were quite similar in the past, The Originals Season 3 is sent in Germany, therefore, in late February or early March 2016 in Germany.

Like the previous two seasons, the third party comprises a total of 22 episodes. Who The Originals online see * wants, for free via the TV streaming service Magine can. Besides, you already can watch the first episodes of the third season look at Amazon *The Originals Season 3: When the season starts in Germany? And what about the plot?.Those who want to relive the effects of the first and second season, she also takes on Amazon, with max cathedrals *The Originals Season 3: When the season starts in Germany? And what about the plot? or iTunes *The Originals Season 3: When the season starts in Germany? And what about the plot?.

Where else you can see in the stream The Originals, learn it here: The Originals Stream: All episodes online in German and English.

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