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Users of BearShare, BitTorrent, eMule, uTorrent and Vuze will basically include the same risks as with Popcorn Time. The offer is limitless and illegal in the P2P file sharing at least 95%. This is also the chance to be warned, awesome high. In recent years, because of the so-called Sharehoster have established. They offer storage space on the Internet, which can be accessed. On a small scale the download is free. Who wants to download faster and more must pay for access to the data.

The latest craze is the so-called multi-Hoster. In these, the performance of many Sharehoster is combined. Users pay their premium account only once, but they can use the service of various Sharehoster. but it is only a matter of time before Oboom, Share-Online and Uploaded other hand, are taking technical measures. In principle, the Multi Hoster rent only at the service of each provider to them much cheaper to sell their users. The best known multi Hoster are Premiumize and, to constantly new competitors like Offcloud, Smoozed etc. It remains to be seen how this market will develop&# 8230;

Disadvantages Sharehoster

Again, most offered archives provide copyright infringement. Although, the pure visit forums such, etc., according to media lawyer Christian Solmecke no offense. Also, should you sign up there and ask questions, but it will also already delicate. Anyone who downloads the other hand, in a Sharehoster copyrighted material, does not adhere to the law - there is nothing to shake.

Protect children from pornographic works? Wrong! No attenuation of the reference of malicious software of any kind is provided. Welcome to the Wild West! Cybercriminals offer to YouTube or Facebook to like-new movies or PC games, behind which hides a malicious program. Some were programmed so clever that it can be even recognized by any antivirus software. The first malicious programs have also been found in MP3 files and AVI containers.

Please do not misunderstand: Only a very small proportion of the files was infected. But who is downloading something from an unscrupulous online storage service, do so at your own risk. Furthermore, one should simply be in addition to the legal component clear. The monthly subscription starts at Netflix just under 8 euros. The three major Sharehoster costs 6.50 to 9.50 euros per month. The Multi Hoster are even cheaper on average. The newcomers Offcloud and Smoozed require $ 8, respectively, just under 5 euros monthly.

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Usenet Providers: no warnings, be careful with the terms and conditions!

however, quite unknown is the genus of the Usenet provider. Here you load from a forum down (for example, Usenet4Ever, Ghost of Usenet) or an index page instead of the torrent file an NZB file that contains all information to download the archive. The Usenet providers who apply the most aggressive on the web their services, are the most expensive. More than 7 euro should cost no Usenet flat rate per month. Some service providers even have their own software on offer that makes the use of simple but not necessarily cheaper. Reading the general terms and (GTC) is also mandatory to prevent free trial accounts can not automatically turn into high-priced, long-term contracts. Some "offers" are really treated with caution!

Inexpensive, for example, Dreamload or the Dutch company XLnet. There is also a software for Windows. So can save or Usenet forum you look at the visit to a NZB search engine (binsearch NZBClub,). The threat of malicious software and the lack of protection of minors but is given here in its entirety. Warnings of users of sharehosters or Usenet providers, however, are not yet known. The legality of the use of Usenet providers depends on the downloaded files. These are legal, and the download is legal.

Movie4k, & Co.

GVU and the prosecution Dresden search urgently for the operators of the two major cinema portals. Movie4k and Kinox link in turn to streaming hosting, where the films are present and where they are streamed to the computers of users. The streaming Hoster turn sell premium packages. but the works can also be viewed for free. So far, there has not yet been clarified in court, whether streaming is now legal or illegal. The convictions in the case were issued only against those responsible, not against the users.

Especially with the big streaming sites that offer movie is incredibly extensive. However, it also brought happy here now and then malware among the people. The gigantic traffic makes itself paid immediately. Partly it is "only" spyware, hour but malicious drive-by Trojans are already surfaced. Do not forget: It's about a lot of money here, too, the laws of the Wild West are!

On the last page it comes to the conclusion and clear presentation of the pros and cons of each offer


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