UBER in Germany: “We have learned”

What exactly makes the trips mediator Uber in Germany in 2017? We can bring in the Berlin Office updated us this week at the birthday of "UberX".

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The service company founded in 2009, is a global power. The headquarters of Uber in San Francisco announced yesterday proud: We have given 5 billion trips on six continents in 76 countries. In Germany, however Uber could not rise so rapidly and still plays a minor role. One of the reasons for this is the strict rules imposed by the German Passenger Transport Act, which dates back to the 1930s.

The awareness is still there, because avoid the Uber brand, which is hardly possible. "Call to Uber," "Uber-Ride", "Take on Over" - whoever looks at a US series on Netflix or sounds songs by Drake and Wiz Khalifa, knows. Never used, but heard a thousand times.

Over in Germany: arranging trips to professional chauffeurs and taxi drivers

"Who has learned" - the company's own assessment of the fact sheet for the press. It's really quite simple: The German Uber is not the Uber, we know from the US media. In this country, all riders professionals who have a passenger transport license, also all trips are fully insured. So the Uber drivers are professional drivers ( "uberX") trips are also on taxi driver taught ( "Uber Taxi") in Berlin, for special occasions, there is a limousine service ( "On Black"). Here is an overview, as of June 2017:

Over in Germany 2017: arranging trips to professional chauffeurs and taxi drivers. (Source: About)Over in Germany 2017: arranging trips to professional chauffeurs and taxi drivers. (Source: About)More products on BestCheck.de

As you can see, you can Uber in Germany use currently only in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Here, too, the company is under constant fire from critics, because not every taxi driver likes to see if the colleague is cooperating with Uber and can be booked via App. The industry magazine Taxi Times refers to the United States, will where reported "hourly wages below the subsistence level." Uber is an evil corporation that brings nothing but harm to the German passenger transport market? We do not want to evaluate the at this point and remain with the technical aspect. Uber describes himself as a tech company and is seen as an interesting pulse - if one takes a look at the app is also clear why.

On the second page you can see what new features offers the Uber app.


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