Mass Effect does not start: Configuration Utility and other problems

You will, just before Mass Effect Andromeda appears once again to make up the trilogy, but will not start on your PC Mass Effect? We have tested several scenarios themselves and give you the instructions on how you can land on Eden Prime again with Commander Shepard.

If Mass Effect does not start &# 8211; while it is regardless of whether you're the Trilogy edition or the game has individually &# 8211; can solve the problems of different. We list you the most and think that you then can finally go back to the Normandy on patrol and are allowed influence the fate of the galaxy.


Mass Effect Configuration Utility Crash

Crashes already the launcher immediately after installation from repeatedly without spending you a satisfactory solution to the problem, which is that Mass Effect is outdated. Her needs at this point of the 1.02 patch that fixes exactly the problem. Scarce 70MB invites you fix down, leads the patch and the configuration tool works without any problems.

download 1.02 patch for Mass Effect:


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Mass Effect crashes at startup always off

Thus, it is not yet done in most cases. Unless you namely not Windows XP running on your PC, let's Mass Effect crashes namely Now, when you click the Configuration Utility on games. Regardless of whether you are a Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC run let, the following procedure is, however, almost identical:

  1. Examined the installation directory of Mass Effect on
    1. By default, is the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mass Effect \ Binaries \
  2. now calls by right-clicking on the &# 8220; M&# 8221; symbol (that is specified as an application), the settings on
  3. Changes to the Compatibility tab and directs the Compatibility mode for Windows XP on
  4. Now creates a Destopverknüpfung the amended application so you do not have to change any time in the folder if you want to play

Mass Effect can be started now. The graphics settings that have made it in the configuration tool are not applied, have to be adjusted again manually in the game.

Mass Effect launcher.xml not found

Have you brought you Mass Effect on Steam, it can also cause crashes due to the above mentioned reasons already starting. With the error message that the launcher.xml is not found, it verfahrt then as follows:

  1. Invite you the 1.02 patch (on the Download link in the text above)
  2. Install it if necessary manually to the directory C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Mass Effect \ Binaries \
  3. Steam will now start as an administrator to bring Mass Effect to run
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