iPhone 6 NFC – that’s possible with the Nahfunktechnik

The iPhone 6 is the first smartphone from Apple, which got an NFC chip installed and thus could be used for Apple Pay. Whether and how can you best use the device technology, we tell you below.

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NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and is a standard that allows, similar to Bluetooth that different devices communicate with each other wirelessly. In practice, the standard is mainly used for the new, cashless payments and increasingly installed in smartphones like the iPhone 6 from Apple.

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NFC on the iPhone 6

Apple has left relatively long time to integrate the NFC standard in a smartphone. While there were already 2010 first Android devices that use the technology, it was at Apple until four years later as far &# 8211; with the release of the iPhone 6. In addition, the Nahfunktechnik Apple has also been limited: Developers can not use them in the development. The result: No third-party apps or functions that benefit from the technology. Only when you set up the Apple TV to configure work easier if you unlock the iPhone, Bluetooth enabled it very close to the pit stops.

NFC on the iPhone 6: For the time being exclusively for Apple Pay

Since the introduction of the sixth iPhone family of NFC chip especially for Apple's payment service Apple Pay is provided. So far, Apple Pay can, however, only in the US and certain Apple partners such as McDonald's or Starbucks, used. These also require a special Apple Pay terminal for payment processing. If and when the service is coming to Germany, however, is not yet known. If you want to activate the service but already you can already do - we explain how to do it.

Away from payment transactions, you can do the following things especially with NFC:

  • connect Bluetooth peripherals.
  • stream music on NFC-enabled devices.
  • save certain content on NFC tags (Wi-Fi passwords, etc.).
  • Pictures, music and other files between two devices back and send along.
applepay_teaserFor now, Apple uses the NFC technology in the iPhone 6 only for their own payment service Apple Pay.

In line with this topic:

  • NFC tags create yourself: Instructions and examples
  • NFC in everyday life - what is possible today?

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