“The device has been reset”: Android device locked after reset – what to do?

If you try to start a recently defaulted Android device, it can come to the following message may "This device was reset. Log on to continue with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device. " Find out here why this message appears and how to handle the display to get access to the device.

In particular, if you hold a used Android smartphone for the first time in hand, it is not uncommon that the message "The device was reset" appears on the screen. An access and thus a normal use of smartphones are initially not readily possible.

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confirm "account: The device has been reset. Report they are to continue with a Google Account ": Can you handle that?

The Android device requires that you log in with a Google account, which had already been connected to the smartphone or tablet.

Verify account

  • This is a safety mechanism by which to ensure that only a legitimate user gets to the device after a reset access.
  • By registering a Google account that has already been synchronized with the Android smart phone, people should be denied access that have the cell phone found or stolen and then reset.
  • If one finds an Android device is therefore no longer enough to simply reset the phone, and then use it themselves.
  • Here behind the "Android Device Protection", which is active from 5.1 Android infected.

By normal means can be the lock not deal, if only so as not to play into the hands of thieves. If the OEM Unlock the developer settings are not enabled, the new installation of a custom recovery not possible to bypass the message.

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 "The device has been reset": Android device locked after reset

but the message will not only thieves or "finders" of a device, but also for users who have purchased a used Android device. Do you plan to sell an Android smartphone, you should do the following to avoid problems with the buyer before the reset:

  1. Before resetting the active Google account should be removed from the device.
  2. Controls for this purpose the settings.
  3. Selects here the "Accounts" section.
  4. Taps the Google account and selects the top right of "more".
  5. Here now is the option "Remove account".

"The device has been reset": Android device locked after reset - what to do?

More information on the procedure is available here: Delete Google Account from Android phone &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Alternatively, you can the Developer options "Enable OEM Lock" function on. The smartphone is now unlocked and can be used after a reset with each Google account. If the smartphone is running again, you can take a look at our overview of the theater Apps throw.

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