What’s Xing? Is it free and how do I sign up?

What's Xing? Who today is looking for a job or want to establish new business contacts will no longer pass the online portal Xing. But what's behind the name? In the following guide, we explain what's Xing how you sign up and whether the service will cost something. Finally, there are some tips on how to get the most from Xing.

What's Xing? Is it free and how do I sign up?

What's Xing &# 8211; so the portal works

Xing is a social network that is primarily intended for the business sector. Many Xing is therefore also called &# 8220; Facebook for business&# 8221; designated. Worldwide, about 14 million users use the platform, including about 6 million in Germany. Xing is aimed at business people in the widest sense. Registration makes sense if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • entrepreneur
  • Employees (including senior executives)
  • scientist
  • academic
  • freelancer

As with Facebook you can look forward to share with other people on Xing &# 8211; socialize but not for fun, but to new contacts that könnten.Zu be conducive to the professional career are the most important features of the platform:

  • Advertise and Finding Jobs
  • Find and placing orders
  • Exchange views on technical issues and business ideas
  • Exchange views on possible cooperation

Main difference with Facebook is the different user behavior of its members. Who builds new contacts on Facebook, knows the people often over the Internet &# 8211; the communication is completely virtual in many cases. In contrast, Xing is the personal contact to the fore: It uses the platform to know each other, but goal is (mostly) a permanent contact off of the Internet.

Xing Logo

What's Xing &# 8211; How do I register and what comes next?

Registration at Xing is extremely straightforward: You need nothing more than a valid e-mail address. Then you choose a username and give some information on to you in profile &# 8211; you are already a member of Xing. If you wanted to delete your account again, just read our guide Delete profile XING: Here can be removed the account. Similar to other portals Xing based on the freemium model: basic functions for standard members are free, who wants more needs to create a paid premium account. Here you have the choice between different maturities:

  • € 9.95 per month. at 3 months duration
  • € 7.95 per month. at 12 months maturities

Basic members can use the following functions:

  • Add new contacts
  • use the headings jobs, groups and events
  • send messages to contacts

Application salary - Then you have to pay

Premium members can, inter alia, use the following additional options:

  • Opportunity to see who (as other users, HR) has called the personal profile
  • send messages to non-contacts
  • Advanced Job Search functions with better filtering options
  • More documents uploaded to the personal profile
  • Attend free online seminars
Xing LoginThe standard membership at Xing is free. If you want more, you have to pay.

A complete overview of all the advantages of a premium member chat can be found directly at Xing. Whether the paid membership is worthwhile you have to ultimately decide for yourself. Generally Xing and Co. are among companies well and in a number of professions (for example, sales, public relations), it is now one of de rigueur at Xing to be a premium member. For a normal job, you help yourselves at the next Xing other sources, the standard account but do just fine. What can you use except Xing nor for the job, suggests you our Guide Best Android Apps for the job search.

Tips for using Xing

As mentioned Xing is mainly intended abzubahnen business contacts with people who you would elsewhere may not be met. The following tips it gets the most out of Xing out:

  • Take up only with people contact that you already know or with which you want to come in contact seriously.
  • Maintains contact even away from Xing, e.g. through regular phone calls or personal meetings.
  • Xing is not Facebook: Keep private matters out as much as possible. to show personality is ok, other people to bother with private gossip seems unprofessional.
  • Inform your contacts about new professional activities and developments.

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