The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine in the test: Geralt’s last adventure is his best

Wild Hunt: With "Blood and Wine" the last great expansion for the brilliant The Witcher 3 will appear. Therein Geralt travels a new area and stands escalating dangers. We ventured to you once again on the journey to the Wizard and tell you in our test why the DLC is a must for any Witcher fan.

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About half a year ago, that was published with "Hearts of Stone", a DLC for The Witcher third Now the second extension is on my table, and I'm curious to see if she could set the new benchmark for quality, the Hearts of Stone, is just. So, once dug up the old Scores and dust. Unbelievable: in October 2015, an eternity. Where I was standing remained the same?

The first control test leads unintentionally yet determined against a tree. Damn, rusty and forgotten everything. And how I was able to again call roach? Finally, the way to the first Quest for Blood and Wine is quite far.

A leap in time: About half an hour and the first quests later, Geralt turns thanks to my inputs again gracefully by the fighting and cut monsters like bandits in filigree pieces. The sorcerer is back in town!

CSI: Toussaint - The victims of the beast were brutally executed. Geralt must find out what it's all about.CSI: Toussaint &# 8211; The victims of the beast were brutally executed. Geralt must find out what it's all about.Start Photogallery(9 pictures)The Witcher 3: romances in the overview - so you experience all love adventure

Live as Geralt in Toussaint

The journey of the Witcher does not lead him this time back to Novigrad, Skellige and Co. It is in a completely new area called Toussaint. The picturesque Duchy is threatened by a mysterious beast and the resident nobility shivering with his knees. No wonder then that Geralt will approach cited by the Duchess as a master sorcerer.

Of course, the job is not done with a simple Monsterhatz. Behind the facade of the traditions and virtues Toussaint, a dark truth that hides much more than it is dear to the inhabitants of the Duchy of hides. And Geralt encounters because of his manners often resistance. That's all I want you to the story of The Witcher 3: do not tell Blood and Wine. Because that is so good that you have to experience it necessarily even.

What is offered here in scope, depth and story sidelines for a DLC defies almost every description. Buyers get for just 20 euros of "Blood and Wine" about twelve hours of main quests, an entirely new area to explore, a cornucopia of side quests and sorcery orders and new weapons, armor, recipes, coloring agents for Sorcerer clothes, private land for removing a Gwint card set and, and, and. I almost forgot: For the romantics among you is again a damsel for Anbandelungsversuche and an open relationship available.

Your earned experience points you invest in the new mutation system. So Geralt is even more powerful.Your earned experience points you invest in the new mutation system and makes Geralt thus more powerful.

Anyone who has seen enough already to the main game and "Hearts of Stone" gets "Blood and Wine" the complete overkill of content. Toussaint is as big as all Skellige Islands together roughly. And the sunny vineyards of the region are equipped with all sorts of diverse activities that have managed to get me in the complete season was never boring .. In addition, the DLC offers the opportunity to meet on a few story-branches in the second playthrough other decisions - again a great plus for the game time account desInhalts.

It is nice that the contents are varied not only, but also incredibly gripping. The story, its characters and Geralt even make up to the end of a great change that is exciting to watch. The second and unfortunately last DLC feels as almost like a Witcher 3.5 and completes the experiences Geralt more than satisfactory.

The first boss fight against the Golyat directly to the date to be harmless. These opponents even experienced sorcerer quickly sweat.The first boss fight against the Golyat directly to the date to be harmless. In the later opponents even experienced sorcerer quickly sweat.

My test Conclusion to The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine:

Within minutes I was in Toussaint, his characters and again in love with The Witcher third I now several hours later, sitting in front of the guy and donate silent applause, with goose bumps. The upcoming break the sorcerer has earned. Whether he will ever return? On this question, I have not got a reply. but these grand adventures it would be a shame if he would hang up his sword forever on the nail. And very, very maybe the developers have already provided a first indication of the future of the series to the end of Blood and Wine. What does this mean exactly, you have to find out for yourself.


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