o2 Cinema day: every Thursday 2 cinema tickets for the price of one – How it works

Every Thursday is movie day o2. Then you can request a o2 cinema voucher. With this you go into one of the more than 100 participating cinemas and get two tickets for the price of one. You too can you opt for a voucher for the stream a movie to Wuaki.tv. You want one of these offers use? It's actually very simple. Here you learn what you need to do.

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o2 Cinema day: get o2 cinema voucher and use

  1. The offer can you take advantage of the morning every Thursday from 10am. Is this on the website o2 movie day *o2 Cinema day: every Thursday 2 cinema tickets for the price of one - How it works.
  2. Give one of your zip code.
  3. Selects one of the participating cinemas *o2 Cinema day: every Thursday 2 cinema tickets for the price of one - How it works and your film. Each film (including the 3-D representations) of the participating theaters is available for selection. What movies currently running in the participating cinemas, you see on www.cinemaxx.de, www.uci-kinowelt.de and www.cineplex.de. Optionally you can also reserve seats.
  4. You can request a voucher code for the o2 movie day via SMS or online via the o2 Kinotag website, as desired. In the SMS version you simply send an SMS with CINE (for CinemaxX) or UCI (UCI Kinowelt) to the 72,990th fee for SMS: 19 cents.
  5. Once you have the code for the o2 movie day via text message or get online, you show him at the box office and receive your discount.

o2-movie day - website

Good to know

  1. The cinema coupon advantage applies only to O2 Silver customers.
  2. o2 sent the O2 coupon codes Thursday between 10 am and 23:59 am.
  3. The offer is valid only while supplies last.
  4. You can use the code for the same film and the same price category for
  5. whom you bought the other ticket.
  6. You can not transfer the coupon and use only once.
  7. The coupon code can not be combined with other discounts.
  8. If there are no places for a film, you have no right to a cinema ticket.
  9. In the UCI cinemas o2 cinema vouchers are not suitable for special events.
  10. In the CinemaxX cinema, the codes are not valid for special events and performances in first-class rooms, MAXXIMUM Motion Seats, premium seats, IMAX and alternative content ideas.
  11. In the CineStar cinema, the codes are not special events, sneak previews, Alternative content ideas such as music or art documentaries, concerts or similar events are usable.


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