Minecraft: find carrots, grow and continue to use – How it works

How and where can you find in Minecraft carrots or herbekommen? You can grow carrots as sugar cane or pumpkins yourself? And why would you need carrots at all or what can you do with them? Answers can be found in the article.

Minecraft: find carrots, grow and continue to use - How it worksSource: fresh carrot bunch on grungy wooden background

minecraft-carrotMinecraft: find carrots, you can also grow them?

Carrots can be found in Minecraft in villages, from time to time they will drop off zombies. Carrots found can either use as food or to grow more carrots.

So one breeds of carrots

  1. First, it plowed a block of soil, which is located near water (no more than 4 blocks away). To do this you need a hoe. minecraft-hoe
  2. In the soil it packs no &Carrot seed; # 8220&# 8221 ;, but the carrot itself. Following you can observe a growth process, as can be seen top right &# 8211; but only if the carrot also receives enough light.minecraft-carrot
  3. Are the carrots ready for harvest, you can also reap without tools and gain 1-4 carrots.

The carrots thus obtained can you eat to two &Meat knuckles; # 8220&# 8221; to fill, use it again to grow more carrots or further processed (see below).


  • Carrots grow even at night, if you take care with torches for enough light.
  • Bone meal accelerates growth further.

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What you can do with carrots in Minecraft

From carrots also you can create the following objects:

Golden Carrots:


Golden Carrots can also eat (3 knuckles) to use for growing horses and for brewing potions.

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With a baked potato, a red mushroom, a fried rabbit and a wooden bowl you can a rabbit stew produce:

minecraft Rabbit ragout

The stew filled five knuckles on again, but does so less food points than the individual ingredients added together.

Carrots route:


The carrots route requires you, if you want to ride a pig. To be on this one saddle. With Route to Attract the pig in the direction in which you want to ride.

  • the Pig &# 8220; eats&# 8221; the route when riding slowly, the durability of the object decreases.
  • Pigs can not stop, unless you descend again one.
  • By right-clicking you can give the pig just a piece of carrot, to speed it up.


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