increase maximum volume with App: How to Android

You want to use the music on your smartphone for acoustic accompaniment for showers? Or watching her the World Cup live stream via Android tablet view with several people, but the commentator is hard to understand? Then you should look at you the following apps, which can be increased on the smartphone the volume.

increase maximum volume with App: How to Android

Although coming at current smartphones already properly sound out of the box, but in many cases the volume is not sufficient to understand everything, and to warm up to what they hear.

So you can increase the volume (Android)

To Android 4.2.1, you have the option of using the free app Speaker Boost to increase the volume on the Android device and strengthen so your speakers.

Speaker boostdownloadQR codeSpeaker boostDeveloper: Omega Centauri SoftwarePrice: Free


volume-booster-plusAlso, the volume booster + offers you as Volume Amplifier different ways to affect the volume on the Android device. The app provides u. a. Settings for:

  • music
  • alarm
  • ringtone
  • reports
  • System volume
  • Calls (voice)

The makers of the app Verprechen but not to override limits in order not to cause hearing damage.

Volume boosterdownloadQR codeVolume boosterDeveloper: Soft BalalinaPrice: Free

volume-freeFinally, you can take a look at Volume + Free to free you from the low volume of the headphone or Android speaker. Also, the volume of the connected Bluetooth speakers can affect the app and increase. Here, however, the use of Cyanogen Mod is recommended.

Volume + FREEdownloadQR codeVolume + FREEDeveloper: MeltusPrice: Free Start Photogallery(6 images)Disable in six steps Ok Google

With Android App for volume Boost

but pays attention not to let too many and not too much to skyrocket in the use of volume booster for Android, the volume button. In misapplication or permanent setting you can otherwise damage the phone speaker. Of course, you should think of your ears. Especially with long-term use of headphones and loud music can miss their permanent damage your hearing.

The use of the volume Apps is for. If you have converted a movie for the smartphone B. and then you realize while watching that the sound is much reproduced too quiet.

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