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ARK - Survival Evolved: The most blatant houses and bases of players

Victoria Scholzon 12/05/2017 at 12:12

With the Survival hit ARK: Survival Evolved their homes must build in order to survive. Some players have achieved a high level but so that they do not build just ordinary houses, but building equal to all forts and castles. Get your inspiration for your base and clicks you through the gallery of the most blatant houses and bases in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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We have made us from the best houses and forts in ARK: Survival Evolved to find and show some bases that have really something to you now. Do you want to show your house in ARK, can you like to leave some us a comment below the article, which contains a link to your video or image. Incidentally, each image contains a link to each YouTube video in which the streamer explains something to his fortress &# 8211; so you can understand a few steps. Do you need more building ideas? Then you click through our Picture Gallery!

The best houses, forts and bases in ARK: Survival Evolved

Our first image comes from YouTuber Nychus gaming. He has a huge tree house built with a surrounding porch and a fire pit. Do you want to build a great house, you've got to make sure to first make a plan and do not work furiously. Is something misplaced, it takes a while to dismantle it. Therefore considered how her example placed Foundations. Here also Nychus Gaming had a few problems, but he was able to dissolve well. The video can admire her on his YouTube channel.

build houses, but entrench in houses: 7 Days To Buy The*

But here is also the correct position important for your base. Looking for a place that enough resources has in store for you. You see big, dangerous Dinos near you, you should on the location and once the fingers can. Seek out best, with her you can build together a base a base. ARK has her for a while, have a lot of homes built and now needs new ideas? In our gallery you will find building ideas for your Tribe or individual players.

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And now it's your turn. Where do you live - in ARK?

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