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Of course, there are countless alternatives to WhatsApp to continue but most use the top dog among the messengers and the reason is often this: &Because everyone else use WhatsApp; # 8220th&# 8221; But who puts just a little attention to data security, should change or install a second messenger to minimum what private subjects or more sensitive data can be sent. Such alternative is the Hoccer messenger app from Germany.

Although WhatsApp has now followed suit with an end-to-end encryption, are many of the Messenger app, which is now under the wing of Facebook for some time, more critical. As before, the contacts are forcibly integrated data protection is due to the location of the company in the United States far less regulated than in Europe. A safer chat wants to offer the German company Hoccer with his eponymous messenger here. What does the Messenger of pros and cons, learn it below.

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Hoccer Messenger App &# 8211; data security & anonymity

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The Hoccer Messenger app is mainly characterized by data security and the option to log almost completely anonymously. So you can you log on without a phone number, name, email address or other private data and also an automatic access to your contacts takes place. Friends can you easily via e-mail, inviting QR code or text message.

Of course, the app offers, like for example the Swiss-Messenger threema an end-to-end encryption for chats, so that the messages are encrypted before transmission and only decrypted by the recipient. So it is a third party and even the developer not possible to read the messages easily. The servers are loudly stating the developer exclusively in Germany and thus are also subject to local policy. In issue 08/2015 of Stiftung Warentest Hoccer could cut even as the best Messenger (1.9) compared with 17 other chat apps.

Hoccer - the secure MessengerdownloadQR codeHoccer - the secure MessengerDeveloper: Hoccer GmbH *Price: Free Hoccer - the secure MessengerdownloadQR codeHoccer - the secure MessengerDeveloper: Hoccer GmbHPrice: Free

Hoccer Messenger: Functions and disadvantages

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Even with Hoccer you can as usual send images, photos, videos, voice messages and audio files to your friends. Also, any type of file (PDF, Zip archives, etc.) you can regardless of size share about Hoccer. For this, the Messenger has its own password protection, the unauthorized thus denied access to the app.

Those who wish can also thanks to the &# 8220; Close&# 8221; chat function with strangers who are in a 100m radius &# 8211; similar to the function &# 8220; Very close&# 8221; the app yodel. But the world can exchange ideas in a forum with other anonymous Hoccer users.

Probably the biggest drawback of Hoccer is again rather weak dissemination of the Messenger app. So far, the Messenger recorded a million downloads, according to the Play Store. Since the Messenger is but free and takes only about 12 MB, and friends should be relatively easy to convince to try Hoccer. For PC and laptop users, there is a downside yet that Hoccer so far does not offer Web application à la WhatsApp Web Messenger and thus can only be used on Android and iOS system.

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  • Hoccer: Messenger app from Germany The most widely used chat abbreviations and their meanings
  • Hoccer: Messenger app from Germanyproduct imagesHoccer: Messenger app from GermanyHoccer: Messenger app from GermanyHoccer: Messenger app from Germany


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