GTFO – What does this mean?

If you read or chat abbreviation GTFO hear, then the legs take into their own hands. You do not see the harmless letters, but it wants to get rid of you someone. We tell you the meaning of the abbreviation.

One could almost say that GTFO is a brother of STFU. Because only comes mostly a &# 8220; Shut&# 8221; (Shut the fuck up) and soon after the sacking follows. so read here what this means GTFO.

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What does GTFO?

If someone in real life &# 8220; Get out!&# 8221; or even &# 8220; Fuck off!&# 8221; says he uses the Internet for the abbreviation GTFO. The letters &# 8220; Get The Fuck Out&# 8221;, in which &# 8220; the fuck&# 8221; is meant to reinforce the message, as in STFU or RTFM. The meaning should be clear:

&# 8220; See condemned to again that you come out of here!&# 8221;

gtfo-get-the-fuck-outGTFO - Or do you need it more clearly?

So GTFO in the tradition offensive Voted Out of the variety &# 8220; Fuck off!&# 8221 ;. However, this call is not always mean it quite seriously.

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When will GTFO used?

If someone really behaves in a forum or chat next to it, then he ever get to hear a GTFO. If there is only enough users complain, it may happen that he is one, and ultimately thrown out and banned.

But in some cases, the award is also meant humorous or ironic. Then GTFO comes in combination with a prompt: &# 8220; Tits or GTFO!&# 8221 ;. Nice is not. Politically correct either. But there are plenty of figures on the Internet who find it funny.

And then there is the case that GTFO is used as a farewell. That sort of &# 8220; Yes, yes ... is good. Now pull your way and cut it off here&# 8221 ;.

By the way, there is also the variation GTFOH (Get The Fuck Out Here) and GTFOI (Get The Fuck Over It - Come on over it!).

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