PS4 Remote Control: PlayStation with smart phone or TV remote control (Update: Universal Media Remote)

Who are a PS4 in the living room or bedroom, is not always the Controller in hand, either because the device is currently in the charging station or is simply placed on the other end of the room. With some simple steps you can use it as a remote control PS4 will your smart phone or the TV operation.

PS4 Remote Control: PlayStation with smart phone or TV remote control (Update: Universal Media Remote)

Below you learn how to set up his smartphone as a remote control and PS4 can use the TV remote with the PS4.

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Update: Sony introduces Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 4

About two years after the release of the console Sony is then sufficient for an official universal remote for the PlayStation 4th Lack infrared transmitter in the console to funtkionieren control over Bluetooth. In addition to the console three other devices such as the TV or a connected receiver can be operated in parallel with the device. The Remote Control takes over the functions of the controller and z. As well as have the PS button. Taxes can be so that all the multimedia features like the Blu-ray playback or Netflix. In the US, the official PS4 remote from the end of October is available. The price for the Universal Media Remote for PlayStation 4 is 30 US Dollar.RWeitere parts of the world are to follow this year.

ps4 Remote Control

Original article of 10 March:

PlayStation control with smartphone via app: PS4 Remote Control

Want to use for the PlayStation 4 Did your Android phone or iPhone as a remote control is as follows:

  1. Invite the free PlayStation 4 app downloaded on your smartphone.
  2. Calls on the PS4 the "Settings" menu.
  3. Opens the "PlayStation App Connection Settings" section.
  4. Here you can "Add device".
  5. Now open the app on your phone and select "Connect to the PS4."
  6. Selects your console.
  7. Now you can enter the app the code from step 4. The smartphone is now connected to the console.
  8. Selected via the app "second screen" from.
PlayStation®AppdownloadQR codePlayStation®AppDeveloper: PlayStation Mobile Inc.Price: Free PlayStation®App (AppStore link)QR codePlayStation®App&# 124; Price: FreeApp Store*


If the console once connected to the smart phone, you can now control the PS4 without a controller, but with the Android smartphone or iPhone. Wipes for this is to select the various menus on the smartphone screen. Touching her an icon on the screen, the corresponding function is executed. The special keys of the controller can you also use directly on the screen. With the keyboard icon text can still be entered on the cell phone on the PlayStation. 4

PS4 control with TV remote

ps4-remoteAnyone who has a smart TV are at home, the TV remote control can also use to operate the PlayStation 4:

  1. Opens the PS4 settings and controls the "System" section at.
  2. Activates the HDMI device connection here.
  3. Activated in the TV set the "Anynet +".
  4. Controls the tools of the remote control and opens the menu for "Anynet +".
  5. In the device list, you then select the entry "PS4" from.
  6. Now you can use the TV remote control to z. to navigate as in Blu-ray movies.

Even without Smart TV, you have the opportunity to use a television remote control with the PS4. For this you need the Hama Remote Control "Media". This device*PS4 Remote Control: PlayStation with smart phone or TV remote control (Update: Universal Media Remote) also allows you to navigate within the Blu-ray or multimedia playback. Using the direction keys can be easily connected through the menus. To connect the remote control with the PS4, connects to the included USB receiver to the console. The operation will automatically connect to the console. but noted that the remote control does have its flaws. While movies can be started, for some functions but the control fails. As an alternative for the PS4 Controller PS4 remote from Hama therefore good only conditionally.

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